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He later used his real surname of "Harris" once the family's cover was blown and they decided to stay in Weatherfield.

In 2003, Craig befriended David Platt, Rosie Webster and Bradley Diggins, and the four of them enjoyed winding up Norris Cole and Rita Sullivan.

He found out Katy had committed manslaughter after discovering Tommy had lied to her over Martin having an affair, which caused her to abort her and Martin's child.

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On November 26, it was announced that Levy would be releasing an EP in January 2013 and will be promoting the release through a concert alongside her husband, David, at Galapagos Art Centre, New York on the January 14th, Levy starred as Sara in the acclaimed Manhattan Theatre production of Murder Ballad, a musical by Trip Cullman.

The show began previews on May 9 2013 and officially opened at the off-Broadway Union Square Theatre on May 22nd.

Martin decided not to press charges once he found out the truth.

Tommy and Angela got back together when they realised how much their problems were affecting their son.

However, Tommy found a condom Craig had been planning to use and thinking his son had slept with Rosie, punched him in the face.

Despite this, Craig was devastated when his father was killed.

Levy can also be heard singing "Dear Daddy" on composer Bobby Cronin's album and "I Am Yours" on composer Jonathan Reid Gealt's album Thirteen Stories Down.

All of them are available on Ten commandments of dating by brian adams.

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush.

Set to study Shakespeare in Canada, Levy was given the suggestion to audition for New York's Rencontre gratuite dans le 61 (AMDA); on a whim she did and got in. Levy then played the role of Penny Pingleton in both the Rencontres célibataires valais and U. national tour companies of Rencontre femme mariee marocaine after understudying the role in the Rencontre algerie afrique du sud company.

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