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Voter Bonita Mc Cray told the that she was asked by poll watcher Allison Johnson to produce her identification.

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The idea is to use the legal right of candidates to place poll watchers at election sites as the cover for stationing political operatives who will challenge the credentials of likely Democratic voters, especially in minority neighborhoods where the overwhelming majority of those who cast ballots are expected to vote for the Democrats.

With control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate hanging on the distribution of a relatively small number of votes in a limited number of highly contested races, the Republicans calculate they can help shift the outcome by using bullying tactics to suppress the vote. For more than half of the twentieth century, the Democratic Party, which politically dominated the US South, intimidated black voters from participating in elections through a combination of Jim Crow laws and physical terror.

Circuit Judge Eleanor Schockett issued a ruling November 1 prohibiting the Emergency Campaign to Stop Bill Mc Bride, a Republican political action committee, from placing observers in 450 of 553 Miami-Dade polling places.

Bill Mc Bride is the Democratic challenger to Governor Jeb Bush, the president’s brother.

Donald Trump has been claiming for months now that Tuesday’s election will be “rigged.” But the only ones threatening the democratic process are Mr.

Trump, with his thinly veiled calls for voter suppression, and Republicans in state governments doing their utmost to keep minority voters from the polls.

After that decision, several states enacted new restrictions, including voter ID laws.

There’s some good news, though: A North Dakota judge in August ordered the state to stop enforcing its voter ID law, which could have disenfranchised nearly 4,000 Native American residents.

“They had no right to do this.” Officials in the clerk’s office, however, said that a number of voters were intimidated by the harassment and left without casting their ballots.

Charlotte Munson, Pine Bluff Deputy Clerk, reported that a Republican poll watcher walked behind her counter to photograph voter information she had pulled up on her computer screen. Under Arkansas state law, challenges can be made only after a voter has cast his or her ballot.

Yet the Republican operation to intimidate would-be voters has evoked barely a whimper of protest from the Democratic Party.

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