Rachel mcadams dating august 2016

The film was ranked #12 on the list of the Greatest Ever High School Movie by Entertainment Weekly.

She got inspiration from her English teacher and Drama teacher in the eleventh and twelfth grades respectively.

Mc Adams studied Cultural Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

She went to York University’s four-year theater program in 1997.

She graduated from the University in 2001, with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The movie was a big hit and made a good collection at the box office.

Mc Adams showed active involvement in school stage productions.

She has won a performance award at the Sears Ontario Drama Festival.

Something where you just go have an adventure together.

Canadian actress, Rachel Mc Adams is best known for her portrayal as Christine Palmer in the 2016 blockbuster hit, Doctor Strange.

Mc Adams is the eldest daughter who grew up in Protestant household.

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