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We plan on at least one child, whose father will be older than it's grandfather!

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It’s the question that Lele Pons gets asked more than anything else — “Are you and Juanpa Zurita dating?! Award-show kisses happen quite often and rarely mean anything too serious.

” The former Vine star addressed the rumors back in June 2016 by saying, “No, we’re not dating. But when that’s the case, they are usually quick to deny any stories that come up and/or make jokes about the smooch.

Instead of telling your partner to do something, you can phrase it a little differently.

For example, you can say, “Honey, I would really love it if you could please help me move the furniture.

Letting off the steam and having an understanding partner around can be enough to help dissipate the stress.

And of course, being a little more stress-free would help your relationship flourish even more.We've already examined the age differences between some of Hollywood's cutest couples, and how they met, and now we're diving into another fascinating facet of famous duos: their height differences.While you might not think dating someone a foot taller is a big deal (and it's totally not!Fans are obviously leaning toward the latter option, but we guess only time will tell for sure!Although 35 years or more is a huge 'age gap', in my opinion, this country makes too big a deal out of age gaps!!! Most of may family members had a 20 year gap and no one was complaining. I put a ring on her finger years ago, and I suppose I should make it official already (the ball is in my lap; she is just waiting).It’s like a daily dose of show and tell whenever they start talking about what they’ve been up to while they were apart.

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