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Mike warned that most of the "lucky ones" who have success with internet dating don't tell anyone -- so horror stories are common and off-putting for the rest of us.Another man I know met his girlfriend through the website Maybe

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Almost floored by what he saw, as they often say in the world of tabloid newspapers, he made his excuses and left.

Another single pal in his 30s sent me an email to tell me his experience.

I didn't meet up with anyone, given the tone of their messages.

I have a lot of stuff from my past to deal with, but my wife has been very understanding," he said.

After signing up to a popular dating site, I created a profile. I looked friendly (cocktail in hand) and not too done up in it (tanned and relaxed). I didn't think it was fair to dupe a man with one of those snaps taken from a height to make me appear skinnier than I am in real life. I had a bad feeling that I was to blame for bringing all of this on myself. "I was into my 40s when my mother died, lacked a lot of the normal experiences, and while I met numerous women in my 40s, the great majority had been through painful experiences themselves with former partners and felt unable to commit, plus they could not cope with my life history in a whole range of ways," he said.

I described myself using words like "up for the craic" in the personality section. What I meant was, I'm not a bore and don't want to be sitting in with a DVD by date two. A friend glanced over my profile before screeching: "How could you be so naive? However, Mike, who was living in Tullamore some years ago, decided to try online dating and met a woman who lived half-an-hour away in Portlaoise.

Jack* had no intention of settling before his ideal woman stopped him in his tracks.

He had spent at least three years hooking up with women through websites for one-night stands several nights a week.

He said sometimes the women were "up for it" and he was honest about his intentions -- but sometimes he led them on until he got what he wanted and moved on "to the next one".

Jack also revealed that he had several internet dates "on-the-go" in different parts of Dublin at one stage.

Another man confided in me that his gay friend joined a dating website as it was hard to meet someone in his home town.

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