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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (360/PS3/PC, 2009): For all the controversy that has surrounded the Grand Theft Auto series, there has never been any female nudity in any of the games.

It has one lone Johnson, though, in The Lost and Damned.

Developer Quantic Dream also included some nudity in its previous game, Indigo Prophecy, although it was removed for the North American version.

Dante's Inferno (360/PS3, 2010): Dante's Inferno has the biggest nude scene of any game: demon Cleopatra's giant, imp-lactating breasts.

The Guy Game (Xbox/PS2, 2004): Finally -- a videogame for guys!

This was a trivia game show where questions are posed to young bikini ladies on spring break, and if they get the answer wrong they have to flash the player.

It received very mixed reviews, from a 1.5 in Official Xbox Magazine to a 7.7 on IGN (how the hell did that happen?! But The Guy Game is perhaps most notorious for being pulled from store shelves after it came to light that one of the girls in the game was only 17 when she was filmed topless.

Let it also be noted that The Guy Game was developed by Topheavy Studios. Conan (PS3/Xbox 360, 2007): As Conan ravaged across the countryside on his bloodthirsty rampage in this God of War-inspired button masher, he encountered many a slave girl with exposed breasts.

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Interestingly enough, the PS2 version was censored and didn't include any nudity.

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