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The recent security updates for the Mac OS have nothing to do with Boot Camp and should be applied, but you do not need the firmware or driver updates for Windows; however, if you do choose to install them they should not harm anything.At most, it will prepare your system for Windows 7 should you choose to upgrade in the future. Regardless of what you do, be sure to back up your files before installing any updates, or installing Windows 7.Windows 7 can only be installed as an upgrade from Windows Vista, and not Windows XP, 2000, or Server.

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After all, i Tunes is the only major piece of software Apple currently ports to Windows. i Pods -- and eventually i Phones and i Pads -- needed i Tunes on the desktop to purchase, manage, and sync media and apps, the vast majority of computers ran Windows, and so i Tunes had to run on Windows. Apple, in their infinitely looped wisdom, decided it would be easier for them to port, and easier for us to use, a single, monolithic i Tunes app than anything more specific or distributed, a single jack-of-all-trades app, wrapped up for easy transplant, rather than several masters of one carefully cut apart and crafted.

Safari for Windows, after a brief, uneventful life, has gone missing in action, and Quick Time and the various i Cloud and i OS management utilities are just that -- utilities. And as i OS grew, and new content types like apps and i Books, and new use cases, like Wi-Fi sync grew, i Tunes on both Mac and Windows grew (and grew).

An additional step for people who are upgrading is to download and use Apple's "Boot Camp Utility for Windows 7 Upgrade," which prevents the Mac partition from being accessed during the Windows upgrade process and causing an error code "0x80070005" from occurring, as described in this Apple knowledgebase document: Keeping your current installation?

If you are keeping your current installation of Windows, you do not need to install any updates from Apple to keep your current installation running as it is.

After this it says installed successfully on the log but it never finishes the installation and it keeps coming up as a new update.

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