Problems updating itunes on windows xp

After this it says installed successfully on the log but it never finishes the installation and it keeps coming up as a new update.I also tried re-installing Microsoft Visual C because some people said it fixed their problem. I also tried updating to ie9 but it failed with an error code bc9 or b0070bc9. Since its release earlier in the week, i Tunes 8 has In a support post, Apple recommends that Windows Vista users experiencing difficulty should uninstall i Tunes 8 and, after rebooting the computer, reinstall the updated application.

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After all, i Tunes is the only major piece of software Apple currently ports to Windows. i Pods -- and eventually i Phones and i Pads -- needed i Tunes on the desktop to purchase, manage, and sync media and apps, the vast majority of computers ran Windows, and so i Tunes had to run on Windows. Apple, in their infinitely looped wisdom, decided it would be easier for them to port, and easier for us to use, a single, monolithic i Tunes app than anything more specific or distributed, a single jack-of-all-trades app, wrapped up for easy transplant, rather than several masters of one carefully cut apart and crafted.

Safari for Windows, after a brief, uneventful life, has gone missing in action, and Quick Time and the various i Cloud and i OS management utilities are just that -- utilities. And as i OS grew, and new content types like apps and i Books, and new use cases, like Wi-Fi sync grew, i Tunes on both Mac and Windows grew (and grew).

Absent the need to port to Windows, we get the light, purpose-built Mac App Store.

On i OS get separate i Tunes Store, Music and Video apps, we get a separate App Store, and we get separate i Books, Podcasts, and i Tunes U apps. In a post-PC world, a lot of the jobs formerly required of i Tunes on the desktop have been pushed up into the i Cloud.

I read that sometimes if windows updates are not installing properly it could cause a problem.

I looked at the update log and most of the updates were installed successfully.

Just open the Boot Camp Assistant in OS X, select "Create or remove a Windows partition" and click "Continue," and then select the disk with Windows on it, select "Restore to a single Mac OS partition, and click "Continue." If you only have one internal hard drive, you can just click "Restore" to remove Windows.

Apple on Friday issued an update for i Tunes 8 that specifically addresses problems experienced by Windows Vista users, and issued general recommendations for Windows XP and Vista users experiencing sync issues with i Phone and i Pod touch devices.

I don't know the official rationale, but my immediate instinct was -- because it's the App Store, and that means it doesn't have to be ported to Windows.

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