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It led to the stable block where she was taken in and fastened on her knees in a stall.She slept on soft hay in a stall with 5 other girls, no one spoke but occasional sobs were heard through the night.

He began to shave her mons; he was as skilful as the slave before him and shaved close and cleanly without the hint of a cut.

He finished his side quickly so gave more attention to Elle's mouth.

One slave pulled on the rope whist the other took her under her arms as she was again hoisted up.

This time off the ground, upside down and legs apart.

Cereal, fried breakfast, or just toast and honey, juices, milk and of course coffee or tea. " "Slave auction entrant Sir." "Correct, onto the bed slave." Elle climbed onto the starkly covered examination table and was given a full going over, inside and out!

"Slave Elle, to the doctors," echoed a voice over the speaker system. All measurements and readings were recorded, everything precisely written down.

Her Sir had decided that her tolerance should be raised and she needed to be taught to also have more strength.

By the same token He felt as a slave she lacked understanding about her beatings.

He carefully removed the hair from her bummy crack and up and down both lips as she sucked him to fill her mouth.

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