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The police looked the other way until the late fifties, when an investigating committee from the Texas legislature came to town and shut it all down.Curious teenagers, aware of the sexual underground thriving in their midst, could hardly help being struck by the hypocrisy and "phoniness" of the townspeople.

And Janis enjoyed nothing so much as nurturing her own outsized legend as the Lone Star State's most famous misfit rebel, a canny move in the years after President Kennedy's assassination, when Texas became the state it was okay to hate.

Janis and her friends certainly were out of place, and they did feel cheated growing up there.

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Unlike many southern towns, Port Arthur boasted one of the best white school systems in Texas because the oil companies pumped money into it.

And if Port Arthur's solid citizens seemed overly concerned with piety and propriety, it may well have been because their downtown was funkier than just about any other in the South, outside of New Orleans.

There may be much to say about a 3.3 million-acre national park harboring destinations with names like "Badwater" and "Devil's Golf Course." But such natural oases of frontier life are rare these days and have much to offer to those adventurous enough to leave the safety of neon and traffic and travel to where roads end Seeing is believing; and I have seen Hollywood's account of the late Sen.

Ted Kennedy's infamous tragic accident at Chappaquiddick and his "indefensible" actions (Kennedy's word, not mine) in the aftermath. Today he is all over the left-wing media and his face dominates many social media discussions.

They certainly understood that not all the men slipping off to visit prostitutes were sailors passing through town and that the same cops who talked law and order were in bed with the mob.

One of Janis's friends remembers watching the town's sheriff trying to explain on TV how "those envelopes of cash would magically end up on the front seat of his car while he was in a caf -- grabbing a cup of coffee." Graft, gambling, and prostitution were not Port Arthur's only distinguishing features.

Port Arthur was so suffocating it felt as if it might suck the life right out of you, especially if you were a smart and curious girl like Janis.

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