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Only 24% of men and 20% of women reported being very or extremely satisfied with their weight, and half are somewhat to extremely satisfied, the study found.

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Girls are also more likely than boys to untag or delete photos from a previous relationship (46% vs.

found that people who aren’t satisfied with their weight and appearance report being less satisfied in their general lives.

Technology can make teens feel more connected and closer to their partner; it can also cause feelings of jealousy and uncertainty.

Fully 59% of teens with relationship experience say social media makes them feel more connected to what’s happening in their romantic partner’s life, and 44% report that social media makes them feel emotionally closer to their significant other.

But fewer are able to identify the markers of a verbally or psychologically abusive relationship, and that's something the state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence is hoping to change with a new campaign launching Thursday called "Teen Dating Abuse is #Not Just Physical." The social media campaign, which was unveiled Monday at Columbia High School in East Greenbush, will feature local teens and aims to educate young people about the dangers of abusive relationships, which can run the gamut from physical and emotional abuse to verbal and psychological. February is annually marked as Teen Dating Abuse Awareness Month. 29, 2018, at Columbia High School in East Greenbush, N. Smith appears on one of the campaign posters which features local students.

It will be advertised across Snapchat and Instagram through the month of February. (Will Waldron/Times Union) less New York State announced a new social media advertising campaign to raise awareness of teen dating abuse during a press conference at Columbia High School on Monday, Jan. February is annually marked as Teen Dating Abuse Awareness Month. more "Young people who are just beginning to navigate the dating world can be faced with great challenges as they grapple with the distinctions between love and jealousy, concern and control," said Gwen Wright, executive director of the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

Developing relationships, especially the romantic kind, are a fundamental part of growing up.

Social media and mobile technology now permeate the lives of many teens, including their romantic relationships.

Half of teens (50%) say they have friended someone on Facebook or another social media site as a way to show romantic interest, while 47% have expressed attraction by liking, commenting on or interacting with that person on social media.

Additionally, 55% of teens say they show interest in someone by flirting with them in person.

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