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Luther said in his Romans lectures, “[The Scholastics] imagine that original sin, just like actual sin, is entirely taken away, as if sins were something that could be moved in the flick of an eyelash, as darkness is by light” (Quoted in Kerr, Hugh T. Luther was greatly aided by Augustine who taught that sin and its effects remain in the Christian, even while Christ reckons the Christian as righteous. The Scholastic theologians like Gabriel Biel (1420 - 1495) and Duns Scotus (1265 - 1308) had a negative impact on Luther since they were modern day Pelagians.


Obermann’s view also does not take seriously Luther’s real struggle with sin, the Catholic Scholastics, and his own personal theological breakthroughs.

Further, the Finnish Lutheran, Uura Saarnivaara, has recently come out with a Augustine/Luther survey.

In the following paragraphs I will show the opinions of notable historians who have attempted to answer the question whether or not Luther was Augustinian.

Further, I will examine the question and attempt to show that Luther was influenced by Augustine in his early theological career, and it was Augustine who helped Luther combat the Scholastics.

The question is difficult to answer from a historical perspective because more concrete evidence must be documented to show that Luther was influenced by Augustine.

We know Luther read a lot of Augustine, but that does not necessarily mean that his theology was influenced by him.

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Luther said in his Lectures on Romans, “[The Christian] is at the same time both a sinner and righteous, a sinner in fact but righteous by virtue of the reckoning and the certain promise of God….

I did not know that though forgiveness is indeed real, sin is not taken away except in hope, i.e., that it is in the process of being taken away by the gift of grace which starts this removal, so that it is only not reckoned as sin….

This means that Luther was indebted to the Augustinian Gregory of Ramini, and the Reformation was due to a late Medeival Augustinian Renaissance.

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