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She told me Ana would end up pregnant right away as a way to keep me. She is beautiful, passionate and more than enough for me. Elena looks shocked and I am surprised at how vile her touch is too me. I miss our friendship of course, and miss your mother despite how she feels about me, but I guess I can see that you are really going to try and make it work with Ana, although I will never understand why. "Elliot can't you just drive over here and pick me up. Don't tell Kate you're coming to get me, she will call Ana. Don't be a fucking pussy and tell her." I can hardly talk. Not your fiancée, mom, dad, Mia, Amigo no fucking one.""Okay, I won't. You're making me nervous.""Ana told me tonight that she is pregnant. Your gorgeous wife tells you she is having your baby and you treat her like that. ""I don't want to have any kids right now and maybe never. I feel Elliot's hand on my shoulder and he is back in my face."Well too fucking bad! Hell Christian, I don't know what kind of father you will be, I don't know what kind I will be someday, but you don't get to decide that now. You need to man up, go back to your wife, and make this right. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt because I love you and you're my brother, but tomorrow, you better have a change of heart. Hmmm is this where the fucking little sperm escaped. "Shit." I scramble through the double doors and there she is, Mrs. No wonder she is pregnant, I can't keep my hands off of her.""Oh…you look mighty fine, Anastasia." I want to fuck her. But my pecker surely won't cooperate right now."Where have you been? I don't want to share her with anyone or anything including a fucking kid. Second, my wife is the best fuck I have ever had and I can't even think of a single woman I have ever been with that matches her on her worst day. "Bourbon." The bartender looks at me like he might not comply with my request. I said I want a glass of bourbon." I throw a hundred dollar bill on the bar."Christian, I will be there in twenty minutes, don't fucking go anywhere and maybe you should quit drinking.""Fuck off. He leans back in his chair, "start talking.""You can't tell anyone. Fuck, fuck, fuck this isn't what I want right now." I rub my hands through my hair. You know that Ana loves you even though you can be a real fucking asshole. I will be coming by to see your ass tomorrow when you're sober and if I am going to beat the shit out of you, you will be sober enough to remember why. When the elevator finally stops I exit and Taylor goes up to his quarters clearly disgusted with me and I run into the table in the foyer. Grey." I know I am barely standing and shit, even this drunk I can see that my wife is hot. Enjoy Chapter 1 and I will have the one-shot up this weekend as I am traveling for work right now. Christian's POV"I know neither one of us is ready for this, but I think you'll make a wonderful father," Ana tells me tearfully. I actually thought she was PMS she was acting so strange all day and tonight. I need to get out of here and think without her fucking waterworks making me feel guilty. I should let her know I just need to have some space to calm down and think this through but I am still too fucking pissed. Christ if he heard how I rejected my wife when she told me she was pregnant, he would probably want to quit. Christ I should go back, but I don't want to talk to her right now. " She stands up and picks up what must be her purse but it looks like a god damn suitcase it is so big."There is nothing to work out Elena. Just please leave." She looks hurt but finally leaves. "There is nothing fucking funny, and you are about to see me lose it little bro. I will be seeing you tomorrow and we will talk about this then.

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Penthouse buys christian dating

I don't want her here but I don't have any desire to tell her to leave either. So take your wine and sit somewhere else.""Christian, I am sorry about the way things happened at your birthday. I just knew you were making the mistake of your life being with her and it looks like I was right." I give her a glaring look and slam my wine down pouring myself another glass."No, you're not right, even though it isn't any of your fucking business, she is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am totally in love with her.""Oh Christian, are you still squawking about love. How have I never noticed that she is really not that attractive? Ana tells me that I need to get in bed and we finally make it to our bedroom. I don't want to sleep, I want to fuck."And so it begins.

Tell me love, what brought you here."I still don't say anything. I sit down at a table in the back and look up to see that Elena has followed me. It is going to make me feel like shit tomorrow as it is some shit wine costing all of $40 a bottle. Contrary to what you may think, I was just taking a walk and I wasn't coming to see you. My life has been dreadful with your mother ostracizing me with all of our mutual friends." Elena is trying to get my sympathy and I could care less. I need to be fucked all the time, and I only want to fuck Ana. Ana tells me something stupid like if that was true there would only be one child in each family.

It seems that they’re very serious about this whole relationship thing working out.

Former MLB great Alex Rodriguez and music and acting superstar Jennifer Lopez have been dating exclusively for some time now.

Third, when are you going to realize that our age difference has finally caught up because as I look at you right now Elena, I see a tired, older woman who I have absolutely nothing in common with and certainly not anything I would still fuck. I don't say anything and I finish the bottle of wine. I feel sick and pull my wrist away, slam my wine down, pour some more and drink that as well."No, Elena, you will never touch me again. And wow, I know you can be cruel, but this is me baby, you don't have to pretend. Please tell me though you're not thinking of knocking that girl up."I slam my fist hard on the table knocking her wine glass over. I wonder if I will remember this conversation later. I have bigger problems like the fact that I am going to be a father. You're drunk as hell, you're really pissing me off and you need to apologize to your wife. Elliot grabs me by the neck and pushes me to his truck.

But surely Ana wouldn't feel the need to get pregnant to keep me. The only regret that I have is that I didn't have her sooner in my life. I get up and order another bottle and when I sit back down Elena reaches over and touches my arm. She reaches in again and runs her long nail over my wrist. I know you don't mean what you just said to me." I know my face must reveal how repulsive she is too me. I don't bear either of you any ill will and I can see that you prefer to be alone to work out whatever is bothering you. I fucked up bad and Taylor isn't here, no one is here." I can hear that I am slurring my words a bit."Christian you sound wrecked. I was so fucking pissed off about it I yelled at her, accused her of getting knocked up on purpose and then walked out on her." I slam the bourbon down. Elliot you know how fucked up I was when I was adopted. You should have thought about that before you fucked your wife 21 times a week. You have more money than you know what to do with and you will be able to afford nanny's and shit anytime you want to go somewhere. I am not even going to listen to this shit anymore. Now get the fuck up before I knock you out and carry you out of here." Elliot is really pissed. I should punch him for grabbing me but he is right. We walk out of the bar and I almost fall off the curb.

Friend Finder Networks (formerly Various, Inc.) is an American internet company founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru.

Its corporate headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida, with additional offices in California, New York, and Taiwan.

According to multiple reports, A-Rod and J-Lo have purchased a premium Park Avenue penthouse for a cool .3 million.

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