Pb pb dating method

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Herein, the slope years t from the experimental data is proposed. The number of citations of this paper is greater than 1200 (data from Web of Science);b) Host minerals are not influenced by chemical reactions after formation.

In addition, four examples are presented to illustrate the application of the proposed method.2. Basic Assumptions In this study, the basic assumptions for the U-Pb dating method included the following:a) The decay constants λ are precisely determined. The minerals included apatite [18] [19] , baddeleyite [20] -[25] , monazite [26] -[33] , tantalite [34] -[38] , titanite [39] -[41] , uraninite [42] [43] and zircon [44] [45] , etc.;. This diagram shows the predicament for conventional theories.

The Concordia (blue, colour for online version) and classical Discordia (black) for Zimbabwe samples (black diamond points) (Ahrens, 1955) are illustrated.

This Discordia and Concordia intercept at A and B, for which the meanings in conventional theories are shown in the lower-right corner.

Methods for Determining k from Experimental Data For n data points obtained from a mass spectrum, the k values are given as follows.a) If the n data points plot on the Concordia line (Figure 4(a)), using Equation (19), the slope of the ith data point is [3] .3.

Applications To demonstrate the validity of our work, four examples are illustrated (Table 2 and Figure 5).

All data points except Zimbabwe are plotted with 1σ error bars.

The norms of the residuals (R) for the least squares fits are illustrated, and the slopes (with 1σ errors) are given.

The Concordia line is of the form (where p stands for the present), while the Discordia line has the form (where k and b are the slope and intercept of the straight line, respectively).

Keywords: Slope Year, U-Pb Dating, Zircon, Mass Spectrum, Isotope, Initial Pb Isotope Concentration1.

Next, the slope k of the tangent line at point A on the general curve of Equation (5) was determined.

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