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The one that said eavesdropping on Americans should occur with a warrant. Ignore the law.” The Sentinel adds, “FISA actually is abundantly clear on this matter of warrants. Last week, the Justice Department announced that it would put its surveillance program under FISA court supervision.

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ABC World News (I/ 22 , story 3, , Gibson, 8.78M) reported, “American officials have long feared that insurgent and terrorist activity in Iraq could spill over into this country, and now it appears those fears were justified.

In Thursday's Judiciary Committee hearing, the ever soft-spoken, ever genial attorney general would neither describe FISA orders that ended the warrantless wiretap program nor agree that senators had a right to see them. Congress must press the White House until it gets the information.” The Tribune adds, ‘‘Talks between the executive branch and the FISA court reportedly accelerated after the November elections.

According to the Los Angeles Times, government officials said the negotiations ‘centered on securing an agreement that would allow the administration to seek warrants on groups of people in certain circumstances, rather than being required to obtain separate court orders for every individual under suspicion.' The Times said the changes ‘appear to require individual warrants when the target is a U. citizen or has permanent legal resident status.’ ...So, has the administration actually backed down on one of its key interpretations of executive power? Already some are speculating that the Gonzales letter is really a Trojan Horse.They claim that a closer reading of the letter provides a major, unresolved loophole the administration plans to exploit. Regardless, of which side of this debate readers fall, the program raised troubling questions, not the least of which is the extent and depth of presidential powers even in the time of war. That fact is the most worrisome about this whole affair, that the White House, having publicly announced its compliance, would behind the scenes still do just the opposite.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1/23) editorializes, “’The truth of the matter is we looked at FISA and we all concluded there's no way we can do what we have to do to protect this country under the strict reading of FISA’ ...Attorney General Aberto Gonzales to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week ...The element of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that likely caused such consternation? It might have noted another part of FISA that allowed warrantless surveillance on an emergency basis for 72 hours before the warrant was requested. Instead, the Bush administration followed the now familiar script - it ignored the law until it looked as if it would be forced to comply.Since men were not angels -- even saintly President George Washington - ambition must be made to counteract ambition to forestall the tyranny of ‘Animal Farm.’ Judicial review of presidential actions was enshrined in the expectation the White House would chronically seek to usurp or misuse power to boost its political standing, especially in times of conflict.” Fein concludes, “Notwithstanding the attorney general, the equilibrium of power among the legislative, executive and judicial branches has proven the best way to preserve an enlightened democratic dispensation for the ages.” The Corpus Christi (TX) Caller-Times (1/23) editorializes, “A year ago, when the program of warrantless wiretapping of overseas calls came to light, the Bush administration argued strongly that the surveillance was outside the purview of the courts. By virtue of the president's executive powers on behalf of national security, the White House said, the administration already had the power to monitor those communications. And aside from the inherent powers that gave the president the right to monitor those calls, the kind of massive electronic eavesdropping that was being done by the National Security Agency simply made the Carter-era Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court an outmoded tool for dealing with the threat of terrorism.” The Caller-Times continues, “Trust us. And last week, in a quiet turnabout, the Bush administration announced that it was discontinuing the program of warrantless wiretaps and said that any future wiretaps would be done under the authority of the FISA Court. It was a welcome change of method, even if it did not represent a change of heart on the part of the Bush White House.” The Caller-Times adds, “The warrantless wiretapping program was an abuse of presidential powers and its dismantling should be welcomed by Americans. He said the United States arrested him and eventually sent him to Syria, where he allegedly was tortured and held for 10 months. In September, a Canadian report concluded that Arar wasn't a terrorism suspect. Syria defends its handling of the case, saying a Canadian diplomat visited Arar twice and found he was treated well.

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