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My first clue was that I found a fresh large warm glob of cum on the sheets.

I thought to myself that it had been too long since I had the taste of my husband's delicious cum.

My name is Katherine, and here is my story on how I became addicted to my husband's desires.

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In fact it has added a whole new meaning to my rather humdrum life these days.

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Gary had moved his entire porn collection in this room and he wasn't inviting me to join him anymore.

One would think that this is where our problems started, but on the contrary, this is where our marriage grew.

Then there's the sex; not as easy as you might think, and often needing some gymnastics to reach a pose that pleases the photographer; plus, the mental concentration that is required to achieve the appropriate expression for each pose and photo. If you want to see the rest, you can join the Fan Club.

Fortunately, for me, whenever sex is involved, my natural look is one of enjoyment! All stories that have the small 'a' (this icon: ) behind the title are part of this archive and only available to members of the Erotic Stories Fan Club.

Gary and Katherine had been married for about 6 years.

Lately, Katherine found herself very unhappy with her marriage.

Gary had not been as affectionate nor attentive to her needs, as he once had been when they first met. They even watched all types of genres of porn together, and on a regular basis.

Gary enjoyed the pleasure of getting his cock sucked when watching porn with his wife.

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