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Description: “Some lands are ruled by men and women who believe that they have been elevated to their rank by the Maker Himself, but in Ferelden, rulers must earn their place.The nobility is not suffered gladly, as the Orlesian Empire discovered to its dismay when it attempted to occupy the land.We are the last of the Elvhenan, and never again shall we submit.'This is the oath the Dalish elves hold close to their hearts.

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They will relearn the elven tongue, rediscover the ancient crafts and practice the old magics.

They will spurn the human god and instead cleave to the ancient pantheon of the elves, praying that one day their own gods will return and lead their people to a new homeland.

A time once existed when mages ruled the known world, bringing down ruin upon their enemies until at last they were overthrown.

Now they are watched carefully by the templars, mage-hunters aligned with the Chantry priests who would not hesitate to strike down any mage at the first sign of corruption. Their power draws demons to them from the Fade, demons that will attempt to wrest control of a mage's body and transform her into a vile abomination.

The origins are open to both genders, but they are dependent upon both race and class. In Thedas they are unable to interact with the Fade (i.e., dream) and are therefore incredibly resistant to magic.

In order to become a mage, and use magic, players must go through the Magi origin and choose to be an elf or a human.

Our elder tells us that the tree is called the vhenadahl, which in the ancient elven tongue means "tree of the people." Its roots are deep and the elder says that as long as the vhenadahl lives, so shall we. We dance and sing and make merry, stealing what moments we can to enjoy what little we have…

But he also says that there was once a time when our people lived in our own lands. and I believe we appreciate it far more than the humans do. And perhaps the day will come when the humans come and try to take the alienage from us, too.

He says that we were once ageless and strong, that it was the humans who took all this from us. If that day comes, I swear they shall regret it.”"What a wonder it is to see such stalwart bravado in one such as yourself.

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