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I thought I was an emotionally stable human being before this — that theory has since been challenged. Praying for wisdom and grace for us all as we walk this out. This year has been my initiation into all things online dating, and let’s just say that the tears factor has been exponential.

Now, back in the days before social media, I'd have to decide within minutes of meeting a girl whether to ask her out on a date.

I'd have to say something like, "You're cute—can I take you out sometime? In fact, a guy used to have to muster the balls to sidle up to a cute girl, make her laugh, or start an interesting conversation, all in order to get her number.

Now if the first date goes well, you enter a 24/7 flirt cycle featuring Instagram, Facebook, texting, and Snapchat—the connection is never really broken.

At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, all of that "talking" has its drawbacks.

And I’d like to pass these along to you: things I wish I knew when I started. When I signed up for online dating, I couldn’t believe how addicting it was.

Maybe they will save you a few tears as you navigate your own journey. I forgot to sleep, eat and basically just took a break from it to do my job. And for those of us who don’t get asked out often, it feels amazing to have so many guys messaging you and sending you questions. There’s a weird thing about online dating in which your mind wants to project a “perfect person” image onto your date. Remember, we need to be filling our mind with truth and thinking of things that are true.

There had to be a human connection and shared attraction in order to agree to go out in the first place.

As a result, you cared more, so you invested more time and energy into the date—and the success rate of a first date turning into a second, then a third, and so on, was higher.

And for those of you who have done it, know that online dating can challenge your mental and emotional sanity, and to do it in godliness can seem almost impossible. Test him, ask him hard questions, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. There are so many people out there — yes, other people that love God and love others! Yes, this year I’ve cried more tears about this process than I could have ever imagined, but there is a bright side: In a culture of ever-growing isolation, this tool allows us to be available to guys who are also seeking marriage. Leah is the oldest of four girls, works in the restaurant development world with a degree in Business Management, and enjoys exploring intentional living.

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