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In order to mark the ten-year anniversary in 2013 of the establishment the Diplomatic Institute, in our new series "10 interviews" we will introduce you to 10 notable professionals, trained by the Institute. Vurbanov, you have taken part in the first Basic Course in Diplomacy of the Diplomatic Institute in 2004, as well as in language courses organized by the Institute and you are currently a II rank diplomatic official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the form of interviews, they will present their view of the Institute and share valuable experience from their career development. What role has your training in the Institute played for your professional development?

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In 2013, in order to commemorate the special occasion of its ten-year anniversary and the European Year of the Citizens, the Diplomatic Institutes is visiting universities in Sofia and the country.

Visits conducted in 2013 so far include: Visit to the University of Veliko Turnovo "St. Methodius" and a discussion with students studying Political Science, International Relations, History, Public Relations and others Visit to the South-West University "Neofit Rilski" and a discussion on the topic "The Diplomatic Profession Today" with students in European Studies, International Relations, Law, Public Administration and others Visit to the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" and a discussion on the topic "The Diplomatic Profession Today" with students from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy and History 11- Participation in the "Golden Apple of Succes" forum at Sofia University "St.

My participation in the Basic Course in Diplomacy and my successful completion of it allowed me to acquire my first diplomatic rank, i.e.

it gave me the opportunity to join the Bulgarian diplomatic service.

Therefore, the training was of key importance for my further professional development and I am grateful to the Institute for giving me that opportunity.

Before the establishment of the Institute every applicant had to prepare individually in order to acquire the rank of "attache".

To respond to the need of high-quality training, we focus on interactive and practical sessions and have as trainers Bulgarian and foreign diplomats, university professors and other highly qualified experts, providing the benefit of a broad range of opinions and approaches.

Among our major training programmes are the courses for the MFA trainee attaches and consular staff, foreign language training, courses for diplomats, representatives of the public administration and of the NGO and private sector in the field of regional issues and security, energy diplomacy, economic diplomacy, environment, public diplomacy, diplomatic protocol, as well as tailor-made trainings for foreign diplomats and our traditional Winter School of Diplomacy.

Dear friends, The year 2013 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute.

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