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It's also gaining popularity with different age groups.In the last few years, the number of people ages 18-24 using dating apps nearly tripled, and among those ages 55-64, it's doubled.Clients range in age from 26 to 74 and work in a variety of fields.

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Atlas is all about quality, and having access to people that you’re not having access to on Match or e Harmony.” TO READ MORE STORIES FROM OUR SEX & TECH PACKAGE, CLICK HERE Too tender for Tinder? As founder of the startup, Radafshar won’t necessarily find your lifelong mate, but she will make navigating and succeeding in the online dating world easier. She will help craft messages and responses to potential dates. Radafshar will personally sift through hundreds of profiles, curating half a dozen or so possibilities.

Fern helps singles of all ages put their best digital face forward. “Our mission is ‘No bad dates.’”Radafshar offers an a la carte menu of services to singles looking to cut through the cluttered world of online profiles. Formerly a social media specialist with Nike, Radafshar spent the last decade giving this service away to friends and family for free.

“There are a lot of bad profiles out there right now,” said Radafshar, founder of the Portland-based startup Fern, a personal branding service for dating profiles. There are a lot of photos of snakes around the neck these days. Men with kittens.” “The kittens bother me,” Mc Donald deadpanned.

“I’ve seen men with baby elephants, too.” She sighed.

“Dating sites, like other social media thumbing activities, is a good time-suck,” Mc Donald said.

Fern positions itself as a tool of efficiency to help its clients get better quality dates (not just more dates) by offering guidance with its profile management tools.

Just like Casey and Sondra, 5% of married Americans met their partner online.

Dating coach Donna Dzwonkas says online dating is especially successful because it's one of the main ways to meet new people in this digital age.

Their love story started 3 years ago as a match made online, but they're far from the only couple that has the Internet to thank for bringing them together. They were both looking for something new and were interested in meeting someone outside of their friend group.

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