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Books such as Affairs of the Mind, , and Every Man's Battle are good resources for you both to study and discuss.You can also point him to these powerful websites to help: is also a good site for you as well), Today we are exploring mismatched sex-drives and how your marriage can thrive in spite of it.

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I bet you know some wife who doesn’t like to read blogs, but she would listen to a podcast.

Wherever you are regarding my podcast with three other marriage and sex bloggers, let me share on today’s High Five Saturday reasons I love this podcast and, more importantly, how it can really help sex life.

Our first three episodes are Getting in the Mood, Sexual Positions, and 50 Shades of Here-We-Go-Again. In fact, you can already sneak-peek that first episode, by listening to Getting in the Mood below: After launch week, we’ll be posting an episode every couple of weeks, with topics like stress, sex toys, scheduling sex, orgasm, and mismatched sex drives.

Once we get our “sea legs,” we’ll also be answering reader questions. Make sure to follow us, as well, on whichever of these social media sites you use: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram You Tube Also, find a friend to tell about Sex Chat for Christian Wives.

And together, we reach women who also come from varied backgrounds and varied personal stories.

I suspect your personality or perspective is well represented by one or more of us.However, we also wonder if this really is a new behavior.Many people struggle from adolescence on with sexual temptation, more frequently with online pornography. This is something you'll need to lovingly confront.Often during late pregnancy and early postpartum months a husband feels sexually and emotionally abandoned.If you two never talked about that sexual change during and after your pregnancy, he may have been looking desperately for some affirmation and companionship.I can't begin to describe my emotions, and I'm having difficulty forgiving him.

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