Onine dating and research

It’s tough to monitor these devices because they’re so portable, so we encourage parents to check out filtering software specific to phones. “We can teach our kids online safety and we can keep close tabs to continue the training.

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Dating online is starting to be the norm for many busy professionals.

No one seems to have the time to meet anyone organically anymore.

Contests are appealing—the promise of prizes gets our guard down (remember that new laptop YOU thought you were getting? Make sure they run these things by you, every time. Then, dad or mom, don’t yell at them for telling you. It’s like reaching out to hold a hand in a busy mall. The Computer Stays in a Public Place: “Out of sight, out of mind” was never truer.

Everything that happens online needs to be out in the open, period. This helps your children to recognize you’re watching what they do onine. Monitor Cell Phones Too: Remember that a cell phone is a computer too.

This fact needs to be part of the ongoing conversation.

Social media is the most popular online destination and whether it’s getting into college or getting a job, our footprint will affect it.

Be the Boss: Remain consistent and clear about guidelines, but don’t scare your children into keeping information from you. Then make sure you and mom are the only ones with the passwords. Think “redundant security systems”…a filter is just one piece of the protection puzzle. Make Consequences for Misuse Stick: Be clear on the consequence for misuse of the Internet privilege. By definition, cyber-bullying occurs among young people.

Make it clear that no online messages are ever private, and that all browsing history can be checked. Don’t make the punishment exceed the crime, but ALWAYS follow through with 100% consistency. When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking.

I would like to deeply and sincerely thank all those who made possible both lectureships, and the writing of this manuscript.

Incidentally, if it is possible to judge from the responses of those involved in these and other discussions on this topic, the issue of doubt and its resolution is one with which many Christians struggle.

The standard for how to engage with social media and what kids share has to be high. Block all social media until you’re sure you and your kids are “on the same page.” Try some role-playing to practice acceptable responses to these situations. Set Guidelines: Make sure your children know what they can and cannot view online. Also, there is no circumstance where it is appropriate for a child to share personal information online.

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