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There was plenty of evidence that others had done the same but, with my luck, a woman would step out from of no where, seen me, and called the cops.

After all, there were reports of a serial rapist still at large.

For good measure, I hung my topcoat over the hook to block anyone from peeking in at me. She's blown every boy on the football team, probably." "Well, maybe, but she was our best cheerleader until she blew out her knee." I peeked out and there were a dozen girls between 18 and 22, cheerleaders for the local college football team, and all of them were in various stages of undress changing into their uniforms for some kind of competition held, no doubt, at the auditorium upstairs over the garage.

Quickly, I zipped up, sat on the toilet seat, and put my feet up against the door. "Step from the car, please." "Officer, I can explain." "We had a report of a naked man in the women's room. Stand up against the car and spread your legs so that I can check you for weapons." "But, officer...geez, your hands are so cold." "Is that your cock or are you carrying a concealed weapon, a baseball bat." "Yes, that is my cock you are stroking officer." "Turn around. I still chaperone the girls when they take bus trips." She lowered the flashlight and looked down at my cock, again. Now, get dressed and before you take off, do a couple of laps around the garage for me. The place was nearly deserted with only a few cars parked off in the distance. There I was naked and with a semi-erection and still dripping cum. It was dark in the garage and I was so frightened that I never even looked up at her, did not even know she was a female cop until I heard her speak. " "No, the girls, cheerleaders, took off with my clothes." She held up my pants. " "Yes, but how—" "The girls called the police and explained your situation telling me that they wanted to play a trick on you, since you saw them naked." "I never intended—" "I know, but you did. I became a police officer shortly after I left my position as the girls cheerleading coach.Whether you're looking for free cams, adult chat rooms or even webcam porn, you'll find it all right here.Our sex chat rooms are always packed with thousands of people online at all times, so finding strangers to have webcam sex with is easier than ever.You can stop wasting your time looking for the best bisexual porn action in the world.

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