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During the first 80 years the French and Acadians lived in Nova Scotia, nine significant military clashes took place as the English and Scottish (later British), Dutch and French fought for possession of the area.

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This is true in spite of Nova Scotia's being some fifteen parallels south.

Areas not on the Atlantic coast experience warmer summers more typical of inland areas, and winter lows a little colder.

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In 1755 the vast majority of the French population (the Acadians) were forcibly removed in the Expulsion of the Acadians; New England Planters arrived between 17 to replace them. John's Island (now Prince Edward Island), and New Brunswick) became part of Nova Scotia. The Mi'kmaq had lived in Nova Scotia for centuries.

The French arrived in 1604, and Catholic Mi'kmaq and Acadians formed the majority of the population of the colony for the next 150 years.

However, winters are cold enough to be classified as continental—still being nearer the freezing point than inland areas to the west.

The Nova Scotian climate is in many ways similar to the central Baltic Sea coast in Northern Europe, only wetter and snowier.

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