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Blue to red colors designate cooler to warmer global climates as well as higher to lower global ice volume.

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The δ is the longitude of perihelion measured from the spring equinox) than to obliquity.

However, detailed insight into how the climate system responded to changes in eccentricity and precession is provided in Figures 2C, 2F, 3C, and 3F.

As a tool, we use a 35-m.y.-long δ record compiled from different high-resolution benthic isotope records spliced together (what we refer to as a megasplice).

We analyze the climate response to astronomical forcing during four 800-k.y.-long time windows. 15.5 Ma), global climate variability was mainly dependent on Southern Hemisphere summer insolation, amplified by a dynamic Antarctic ice sheet; 2.5 m.y.

Antarctic ice cover and global climate, represented by δ, mainly depended on Southern Hemisphere summer insolation, with minimum Antarctic ice volume and peak warmth when Southern Hemisphere summer insolation was maximum, i.e., perihelion in January (Fig. At the same time, the influence of the Northern Hemisphere was growing.

For example, through ice-albedo feedback mechanisms, which became more important in the cooling Arctic region (Darby, 2008; Krylov et al., 2008; Stein et al., 2016).

Arctic sea ice, however, may have played a central role in positive feedback mechanisms, through its albedo as well as through its effect on deep-water formation and ocean conveyor circulation.

At the same time in the Southern Hemisphere, the Antarctic continent was still heavily glaciated.

For the 26.1–25.3 Ma window considered here, Pekar et al.

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