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An angry mother-of-six has accused teachers of 'ruining the magic of Christmas' after they told her 11-year-old daughter that 'Santa is not real'.Stephanie Boyden has slammed staff at Nicholas Chamberlaine School in Coventry after they made the announcement in assembly.But there was no mistake: contrary to expectations, by monitoring the brightness and measuring the redshift of the supernovae, they discovered that these billion-year old exploding stars and their galaxies were accelerating away from our reference frame.

It was less scientific, not as exciting as I thought it would be—there was a lot of routine.

But I guess I was just a little naive about what being a meteorologist meant." His decision to study astronomy, which he had seen as "a minor pastime", was made just before he enrolled at university.

It only takes one year to cause 20 years of damage."He urges people to pay attention to the consensus of expert opinions, instead of basing their conclusions on the incomplete information which they personally know.

Launching the Australian Academy of Science's report "The science of climate change: questions and answers", Schmidt commented that "Whenever this subject comes up, it never ceases to amaze me how each person I meet suddenly becomes an expert...

It's destroying what Christmas is about and Christmas is no longer what it used to be.'People say she is too old to believe in Father Christmas, that she should know the truth before she starts secondary school.

It's part of growing up and if she doesn't know she might get bullied.

Schmidt led the team from Australia and in 1998 in the HZT paper with first author Adam Riess the first evidence was presented that the universe's expansion rate is not decelerating; it is accelerating.

The team's observations were contrary to the then-current models, which predicted that the expansion of the universe should be slowing down, and when the preliminary results emerged Schmidt assumed it was an error and he spent the next six weeks trying to find the mistake.

Schmidt was a postdoctoral research Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (1993–1994) before moving on to the ANU's Mount Stromlo Observatory in 1995. Suntzeff formed the High-Z Supernova Search Team to measure the expected deceleration of the universe and the deceleration parameter (q0) using distances to Type Ia supernovae.

In 1995, the HZT at a meeting at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics elected Schmidt as the overall leader of the HZT.

He has said that he wanted to be a meteorologist "since I was about five-years-old [but] ...

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