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HUSHED-TO-HUSHED ENCRYPTED MESSENGER FEATURES•100% FREE Calling and Encrypted Messaging with other Hushed users.

Set up a profile and keep your conversations 100% private.• Self Destructing Messages – Add a timer to your messages/pictures to automatically delete at the end of the countdown!

• Full of features including Custom Voicemails (create personalized greetings with a customized voicemail for EACH number) and Auto Reply Messages (create an auto response when receiving specific words in a text message…“What’s the wifi password? )• Hushed integrations with Slack and Dropbox can also let you send texts directly from Slack and store voicemail, call/text history, pictures on your Dropbox account• 7/30/90/365 Day packages to suit any short or long term needs – extend your numbers and add minutes/sms by topping up your credits at any time!

No hassle, no contracts.• Our 1/3/5 Line UNLIMITED subscription plans also let you choose a number from US/Canada that includes UNLIMITED Calls, SMS, and MMS within North America - an awesome value and a user favorite!

Our app has been downloaded over 7 million times with 250 million phone calls made and 1 BILLION text messages sent!

PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY IS WHAT WE DOIt's easy and risk-free to try Hushed.

Signing up doesn’t require verification and we’re committed to protecting our users’ privacy.

Hushed never stores your conversations or call logs and our “Hushed-to-Hushed Messenger” technology protects your convos with military-grade, end-to-end encryption.

You now have access to delete your own account by accessing the feature through the ‘Account Settings’ screen.

Wipe your numbers, call message history, and all account details…leave no trace behind!

Download Hushed now and get a 3-day US/Canada trial number that includes 20 texts or 20 minutes of talk time, for FREE!

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