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Visibility tables for the years 2008 to 2020 can be seen on the ' in a single month) they are likely to appear close together in the sky during this time, and planetary conjunctions (when two planets are at the same celestial longitude) are most likely to take place.Tables of planetary conjunctions (through to 2020) can be found on the following pages: .

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The table entries can be read horizontally by planet (to track the changing visibility of a particular planet during the year) or vertically by month (to determine the visibility status of all the planets in any single month).

They named each planet mainly according to its brightness and colour, the name given to them being mostly associated with heat and light.

Hence In the fourth century BC, the Greek philosopher Aristotle converted these descriptive names into the names of Greek gods (and one goddess), each planet's attributes roughly matching those of its chosen god.

To find a planet in the night sky at any particular date and time, we must know two things: a direction in which to look along the observer's horizon (eg.

Southeast, East-Southeast) and an angle to look above the horizon (known as altitude or elevation).

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The ecliptic (the path along which the Sun, Moon and planets will be found) is marked by a can be viewed by clicking on the object (in the case of a planet, its magnitude, distance, elongation and apparent diameter).

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