validating methods - My soulmate is dating someone else

There are so many harmful myths about soulmates that circulate through our cultural dialogues.

These myths end up as rigid stories and ideals within our minds.

To those of us who have experienced severe emotional and mental wounding in our lives, soulmates appear as a kind of holy mecca or “promised land.” When we feel incomplete, lonely and disconnected from ourselves, the ideal of soulmate love becomes a beacon of hope promising to save us.

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Religion and tradition would have us believe that soulmates are heterosexual in nature.

In reality, love is free: it is not restricted by what is thought of as “right” or “wrong.” Your soulmate could very well be of the same gender as you.

In fact, some of us even carry around a mental idea of what our soulmates will look like, sound like, and behave like.

Being a romantic soul myself, I always thought that my soulmate would be a tall, mysterious, rebellious, Australian bloke.

First of all, it’s important to drop the illusion of control.

Here’s a wake up call: you have no power over when, where or how your soulmate will appear.

Deep down many of us believe that there is at least one person out there who will fulfill all of our needs and desires.

In fact, such a warped belief is what causes such high divorce rates and relationship dysfunction running rife in our societies.

All you can realistically do is be open and receptive to meeting your soulmate.

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