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Our soulmates often appear “out of the blue” when we least expect them to.

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To those of us who have experienced severe emotional and mental wounding in our lives, soulmates appear as a kind of holy mecca or “promised land.” When we feel incomplete, lonely and disconnected from ourselves, the ideal of soulmate love becomes a beacon of hope promising to save us.

Soon we start sincerely believing that our beloved will “complete us,” and thus make our lives meaningful again.

Who can claim to understand the mysteries of the heart?

As such, many people are tormented by the fact that the one they love is already in a relationship or marriage.

Religion and tradition would have us believe that soulmates are heterosexual in nature.

In reality, love is free: it is not restricted by what is thought of as “right” or “wrong.” Your soulmate could very well be of the same gender as you.Talking to many people about their thoughts and experiences on love, I’ve discovered that a great number have had “multiple” soulmate experiences.Each was different, precious and life-changing in varied ways.If you identify as heterosexual this will obviously come as a great shock to you.However, it will ultimately encourage you to reclaim your authentic sexuality. It is true that “we can’t choose who we love” — love flows freely and runs wild.In fact, some of us even carry around a mental idea of what our soulmates will look like, sound like, and behave like.

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