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Unfortunately, both of them had been dating a girl.

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That turned out to be as fictitious as it sounds and so was “Marq”.

Anthony fell in love with pictures of a hot male model, but “Marq” was really a fat black dude missin’ a tooth. Dorion was an average Joe in love with “Jezsica,” a Vanessa Williams-looking urban model.

While it would seem to be a good fit for the already familiar audience, it's also not novel anymore. I was never a fan, but I know a lot of people love reality shows." But what if there were another option, a middle ground, as Palmer proposed?

It was the "breeding ground of reality," as Palmer put it; shows far more ridiculous, like the in 2010. "It was an exciting and thrilling experience, not knowing what the girl was going to look like," he said.

This episode proved there could be anyone on the other side of the screen. Then it got crazier: Kya revealed that she was actually bi and the two of them made out for the rest of the episode.

Nobody believed that Joe was really dating a model and former Miss USA contestant.But turns out, Rob was more into dudes than he thought and told Ebony he just wasn’t interested.Sunny was so in love with Jamison that she stole him from her sister.Turns out, Mhissy and Jasmine were talking to the same dude.So Mhissy Catfished Jasmine with “Mike” to steer her away from her man.If you find one who is, you can let them know you like them.

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