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The game bombards the player with information that may be very intimidating for newcomers, and there are a lot of intricacies that may turn some people off.

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The combat is extremely varied in “Monster Hunter: World.” Just as there are many monsters with unique quirks, there are over a dozen weapon types that are equally unique.

Specialty weapons like the gigantic Gunlance (which is a lance and a gun, in one!

Every grunt and roar of the monsters have a considerable weight to them.

The voice acting – limited as it is in the game – is done well, led by the experienced Matthew Mercer and Jamison Price.

The combat is done through a series of simple combos, so the key is to chain together different attacks to get maximum effect.

Most weapons have a heftiness to them that matches their bulkiness.

If “Monster Hunter: World” is an indicator of how games will be in 2018, it will be an incredible year.

Staten Island, NY - The Wagner men's basketball team will look to make history on Saturday afternoon as the Seahawks host the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds on Senior Day at the Spiro Sports Center.

There are many to choose from, so finding one you like may be difficult, and often these weapons are very bulky and slow.

“Monster Hunter: World” also has a substantial learning curve.

It’s the most accessible and creative “Monster Hunter” game yet. 26, “Monster Hunter: World” is a triumphant return for the series.

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