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Shack Scott: A Paterson, NJ native and a member of the men's basketball team for the last two seasons, Scott has given the Seahawks valuable minutes this season.

After appearing in 18 games last season, Scott missed the first half of the year as he was a member of the Wagner football team before rejoining his teammates on the hardwood against Mercy College back on December 10.

There is a main story that leads the player through various zones and scenarios, but the meat of the game will be done through optional questing and expeditions.

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Every grunt and roar of the monsters have a considerable weight to them.

The voice acting – limited as it is in the game – is done well, led by the experienced Matthew Mercer and Jamison Price.

The Blackbirds (13-15; 8-7 NEC) are looking to snap a two-game losing streak and for the season sweep of the Seahawks, after picking up a 69-67 victory in Brooklyn back on January 13.

2018 SENIOR DAY: Prior to this afternoon's contest, the Wagner men's basketball will recognize four Seahawks, as well as a pair of student managers, Kyra Alexander and Cassandra Bernard, in a pregame ceremony.

Positioning is key, but it is so gratifying to land a shattering hit on an enemy and see the damage done, whether it be a broken horn on the devil-like Diablos or the severed tail of a hulking Anjanath.

When you down a foe like that, it is beyond satisfying. As you fight monsters, the triumphant music urges you to continue in the face of an intimidating foe.

Along with the hunter, a player can create a Palico, which is a small, anthropomorphic cat that is adorable and acts as your companion and helper throughout the game.

The game is all about hunting monsters and using their parts such as claws and pelts to create more weapons, armor and gadgets.

More importantly, these zones are full of monsters.

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