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The Tigers might have the best defense in college football next season. Capacity: 104,944Big home games in 2018: Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska Ohio State’s home slate in 2018 is admittedly a little weak.The Buckeyes travel to Michigan State and Penn State, don’t face Wisconsin and play Oregon State instead of Oklahoma in a non-conference game.Maybe nowhere else in sports does home field advantage matter more than in college football.

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Of course, “Jump Around” is a tradition unlike any other.

It is too bad that Wisconsin has a relatively weak home slate in 2018, with Michigan, Northwestern and Penn State all on the road.

The Wolverines play at their two biggest rivals in 2018 (they’re on the road against Notre Dame too) but have a trio of really nice home matchups in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State.

Capacity: 82,300Big home games in 2018: Virginia Tech, Clemson, Florida“The Doak” took a step back in 2017 as the Seminoles faltered to a 6-6 regular season record.

Penn State is the main attraction in the area and fans come from far and wide to see the Nittany Lions.

When the crowd gets into it, opponents often wish they were anywhere but State College.

Capacity: 80,321Big home games in 2018: Nebraska, Minnesota Wisconsin has beaten many a top foe at Camp Randall.

The team’s physical style and loud, boisterous fan base pair well together.

Capacity: 109,901Big home games in 2018: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Penn State The Wolverines boast the largest stadium in college football, appropriately known as the “Big House.” When the Maize and Blue are playing well, we pity any team that has to go in and play them.

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