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The school apparently sold out its spring game in one day.The only two things keeping Nebraska from being higher on this list are uncertainty over how good the Huskers will be this year and a weak home slate besides Colorado, Michigan State and maybe Purdue.An iconic stadium and fervent home crowd can help a team immeasurably.

most intimidating fans in-31

Most intimidating fans in

Some fans have been worried that this wouldn’t be enough of a solo Spider-Man movie with Tony Stark poking his nose around.

But in all honesty, Stark does his best to stay out of the proceedings until absolutely necessary.

There’s a reason why they call this place “Death Valley.” LSU always has plenty of talent, and they will need all of it plus the crowd to beat SEC favorites Alabama and Georgia at home.

Capacity: 106,572Big home games in 2018: Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin There might not be a better fan tradition in college football than Penn State’s annual “White Out” game.

The team’s physical style and loud, boisterous fan base pair well together.

Of course, “Jump Around” is a tradition unlike any other.So without further ado, here are the hardest places to play in college football this upcoming season.Capacity: 92,000Big home games in 2018: Colorado, Michigan State, Purdue Nebraska might boast the most loyal fans in the nation.Ohio State and Michigan State have had recent success in Ann Arbor, which is a sore spot for Michigan fans.The Wolverines play at their two biggest rivals in 2018 (they’re on the road against Notre Dame too) but have a trio of really nice home matchups in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State.Capacity: 102,321Big home games in 2018: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi State LSU is a mainstay on any list of the best environments in college football.

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