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It stands out from the rest of the adaptations, including the more favored original iteration directed by Sam Raimi and portrayed by Tobey Maguire, simply because it introduces a dynamic that has been lacking from the Spider-Man franchises thus far.

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Ohio State and Michigan State have had recent success in Ann Arbor, which is a sore spot for Michigan fans.

The Wolverines play at their two biggest rivals in 2018 (they’re on the road against Notre Dame too) but have a trio of really nice home matchups in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State.

The school apparently sold out its spring game in one day.

The only two things keeping Nebraska from being higher on this list are uncertainty over how good the Huskers will be this year and a weak home slate besides Colorado, Michigan State and maybe Purdue.

Capacity: 102,321Big home games in 2018: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi State LSU is a mainstay on any list of the best environments in college football.

The tailgating scene is superb, the fans loyal and rowdy and the Tigers are ticket in the area.

Even during down years, the Huskers sell out and Memorial Stadium looks like a familiar sea of red.

With the hiring of new head coach Scott Frost, fan excitement is sky-high.

Florida State won’t be a preseason top 5 team this year, but the ‘Noles could still contend for the ACC title.

That Labor Day opener against Virginia Tech will turn Doak Campbell Stadium into a madhouse, and late-season tussles with Clemson and Florida will also be must-see TV.

An iconic stadium and fervent home crowd can help a team immeasurably.

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