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If you do book in advance and can’t make the appointment than I require 24 hour cancellation notice and a good excuse. All payments will be in cash only and your tribute should be and on the table just inside the dungeon. On your first visit you will follow my instructions and the session will begin at my discretion while acting accordingly to my directions and strict demands.

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These mistakes will only keep you from realizing your true fantasies.

I will go over this with you in our pre-screening regardless. Estimate your threshold for each activity by comparing it to prior experiences with intense sensations that you found erotic (or past S/M scenes).

If not, you can wait until Friday to buy it when the bag goes live to the public!

This is a singularly sultry, layered erotic trance – truly the Halcyon Daze.

Instead be open and let me do my thing because you might find you enjoy the experience better than something that is scripted I not participate in blood related actvities.

No Switch – Only true submissives need apply Long bondage scenes will be done under some circumstances, but I will not do a session where I tie someone up and leave them alone for a long period as this is not safe. If you fantasize about a certain fetish frequently – usually you will enjoy it in a session.

Take a look at all the variety of games of chance and misfortune I've come up with just to torture my slaves!

I enjoy meeting new and existing clients and fulfilling fantasies no matter how bizarre they may be.

I luse my Techdomme® skills to take over every aspect of your life.

During a computer control session I use computer remote control software like Teamviewer, Logmein, or other programs to come into your computer.

Please review these guidelines carefully so that you will be prepared and ready for our session.

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