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There are also some Web sites dedicated to classroom correspondences only.Teachers are the only ones with access and share information from other classroom pen pals with their students.

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With most kids having Internet access at their fingertips, having an online pen pal or "e-pal" can be easy to do, but a child's safety must be the main concern. The group's mission is to ensure no soldier is forgotten at mail call.

Parents, educators and other adults who are allowing their students and children to have pen pals -- both online or offline -- should enforce these safety tips: In May 2004, the Thomas family of Simi Valley, California, started Pen Pals for Soldiers as a means of garnering support and raising morale of U.

Pen pals for kids come in all ages, nationalities and cultures.

The idea of pen pal relationships has been around for generations.

A pen pal is a friend you make through correspondence. Educators encourage students to have pen pals as they promote literacy, reading and writing in a foreign language and learning about other countries.

This can be done via the Internet through e-mail and kids' chat rooms or via the U. Some pen pal relationships last only a short time, while others can go on for many years.

This group was founded when a teacher wanted to add spark to his classroom, so he started a program where his students wrote and exchanged letters with other schools around the world.

The Student Letter Exchange has matched students in more than 100 countries, some of whom have stayed in touch through their adult lives.

they are very caring and supportive and that is what you need when you are deployed. thank you” “Just wanted to give you feedback on my experience with Adopt a Soldier. To hear some of the sponsors stories, inspire me to hang in there and be strong. The kind words and gestures are very appreciated by me and my troops.

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