Milfhookup fake

That’s why we set out to do another review on Milfs

We DO NOT recommend purchasing a subscription to this site!

For us, the Dating Cop team, the job is not finished until there are still people getting scammed and ripped off by online dating services.

Even if it wasn’t a scam site, Well isn’t even listed as a MILF dating site!

The only reason we are including the pricing below is to have a fair and complete review.

But, it wasn’t until we carefully read through the Terms & Conditions page that we found solid evidence for the fraudulent actions of Milfs If you are just a bit realistic, you too would detect this scam.

This site is aimed at scamming male site members, simply because there are no women using the site.

If you’re looking for MILFs and MILF dating, you don’t want to be redirected to a plain, regular dating site. It’s hard to test out a site that literally is not real. This stupid scam site didn’t even bother to try to scam us by using women we would actually be interested in!

And not only is Well Hello and they fully admit to it! We did test out Well for three months though, and here were our findings: All the messages we received were from fake profiles. And, as we suspected, once you upgrade your account (you need to do this to send reply messages), you will stop receiving messages.

This will make it much easier for you to see all of our milf dating reviews in one area of our site.

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