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“She wrote about the devastation of a brain tumour diagnosis and the need for more research funding.She asked questions and worked so hard to make sure her story was the best it could be.“She worked hard in spearheading a campaign at The Sun in 2016 which saw every reader given a donor card.

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“From The Sun’s fantastic and moving Who Cares Wins Health Awards to her campaigning coverage of organ donation, Christina’s stories jumped off the page because she put people front and centre.

“I would like to send condolences on behalf of all those at NHS England who had the privilege of working with her.” CAROLINE HARDING, of Jeans for Genes and Genetic Disorders UK: “Many of the 500,000 children with genetic disorders in the UK do not have a public voice.

“Christina’s compassionate interviewing and incisive writing explained the impact of rare, complex conditions and gave these forgotten children that voice.

“By telling their stories simply and powerfully she galvanised thousands of generous Sun readers to take part in Jeans for Genes Day and to donate.

Christina died suddenly on Friday afternoon, while attending a routine outpatient physio appointment for her injured knee with Oli.

She suffered a blood clot following a fall that damaged her knee.

It is thanks to her that our Smiles at Christmas campaign last December raised more than £130,000 for kids with cancer with CLIC Sargent.

She also worked to raise awareness of everything from brain cancer, mental health and dementia to breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Typically, when the taxi driver taking them to the appointment slipped and fell in the snow, she was more worried about the pain he was in than her own injury.

She also made The Sun’s offices a better place to be, with her beaming smile and enthusiasm that would sweep all of us up in her wake.

She had been destined to be a reporter from an early age.

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