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In medieval times, this was when curative herbs were collected for the year's use.

The night celebrates Saint John the Baptist, born on the 24th, as well as the traditions of Midsummer dating back to Viking times.

If you don’t already know the words, print out a copy of Vi Elsker Vort Land (We Love Our Country) by Holger Dratchmann, the song typically sung while the fire burns.

In the Scandinavian countries, darkness is a stark reality that hangs over much of the year.

It is no surprise then, that Scandi people love to celebrate light—and this is never more clear than at midsummer celebrations.

Friends and family gather to make flower garlands and dance around the Maypole (Midsommarstågen).

Afterwards, they partake in a traditional Swedish meal of herring, roasted meat, potatoes and freshly picked strawberries for dessert.) the reaction in churches in England, Wales and Ireland (calls to pray for the survival of marriage, for example) and other serious stuff that affects our ability to love and lead our lives freely.But instead today I'm just gonna say WAHEY to the opening of the Olympics, our success in the women's cycling and swimming and what a fab atmosphere the event is creating in London and throughout the country.Whether you’re visiting Sweden, Denmark or Norway, you’ll find that the party goes on throughout the day and night.Here’s how each country shows their appreciation for the end of dark days (until next winter, of course): Sweden perhaps takes Midsummer (Midsommer) most seriously; if you’re looking to partake in an unforgettable night, we recommend you do it here.This post was written by guest contributor Mark Brooks, an analyst/consultant whose blog Online Personals Watch summarizes the daily internet dating industry news.

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