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At the very least, it’s nice to write this down for my own records in case I forget why I did something.😉 I started with a rough sketch of what I wanted it to look like while keeping my functional requirements in mind. Don’t mind the blurry part, it isn’t anything top secret …I went through my AD integrated DNS config and created reverse lookup zones for every VLAN that would need a name space.

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Back in the old days, I created a network for my home lab. This was because I did not have a switch capable of doing such things, and I was not really focused on the network design. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I decided to change things and come up with a better design.

I tickled Twitter to see if anyone might be interested in documentation on what I did, and some folks seemed to dig the idea, so here we go.

I only have about 40-something servers to deal with, plus various devices in the house.

I decided to add a new goal to my list: I created new DHCP scopes for each subnet that would need dynamic IP assignments.

If you have questions, found an error, or just generally wanted to comment on this lab architecture, feel free to drop a note below.

Harden Windows 10 - A Security Guide gives detailed instructions on how to secure Windows 10 machines and prevent it from being compromised.

I also spent time validating that devices with DHCP addresses had matching DNS records with a recent update stamp.

At this point the infrastructure pieces are completed.

Good security consists of deter, deny, delay and detection. So any PC is game for intrusion and it is not an elaborate thing, attacking a PC only requires a few minutes.

The Windows 10 Hardening Guide is below and all of the hardening steps are contained in this document.

The scope of each subnet starts at .100 and goes up to .199, effectively giving me 100 addresses per subnet.

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