Microsoft dns reverse lookup zone not updating

If you have questions, found an error, or just generally wanted to comment on this lab architecture, feel free to drop a note below.Harden Windows 10 - A Security Guide gives detailed instructions on how to secure Windows 10 machines and prevent it from being compromised.After a bit of effort, there’s now a bunch of new networks and the ability to use DHCP to assign addresses within them.

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I only have about 40-something servers to deal with, plus various devices in the house.

I decided to add a new goal to my list: I created new DHCP scopes for each subnet that would need dynamic IP assignments.

Then, continuing the security process, we will set up patch monitoring to notify us of insecure applications which require patching.

Then we will set up event monitoring to monitor admin account uses and all unusual events.

Layers of security will be added to protect our system, private documents, browsers and other applications.

Firewall rules, ACLs and Software Restriction Policy are some of the settings we will set up.

Good security consists of deter, deny, delay and detection. So any PC is game for intrusion and it is not an elaborate thing, attacking a PC only requires a few minutes.

The Windows 10 Hardening Guide is below and all of the hardening steps are contained in this document.

Here’s the routing table on my layer 3 switch for clarification: Each SVI also has an IPv6 address associated with it for some future fun.

A few hours later, the network design above has been implemented.

it just has nothing to do with my drawing, so I fuzzed it out. My Layer 3 switch, an HP V1910-24G, would be the VLAN aggregation point.

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