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Update 2018/01/23 — Read about scaffolding Vue with vue-cli and integrating Vuex in Part 3 of this series!

She intuitively knew how much pressure was needed and is the epitome of the ethos of TMR.

Since you’re reading this blog post, I’ll assume you’re no stranger to Python and modern web technologies.Transforming Flask into an asynchronous evented beast allows it to process requests faster, independent of one another.An evented Flask server can accept a request and process it while accepting another request asynchronously.Thanks for reading along and sticking with me through this journey!We’re about halfway to a fully functioning Codenames game — in the next installment, we’ll ditch that vanilla Javascript code and work towards integrating websockets into a larger-scale app using Vuex.The fundamentals behind this requirement are due to the Python interpreter’s “blocking” nature.

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