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A man can surprise his wife with new and different sources of stimulation but after ten years that becomes increasingly difficult." Emotional Honesty I wanted to get John's reaction to an article I wrote in Huff/Post 50 last year about why men need to be emotionally honest with women that garnered 2,100 comments, which is substantial for a non-rock star article.

While I champion men being emotionally honest with women in relationships I always remind women that their role in that dialogue must be supportive and never angry, judgmental, or opinionated if they hope to have future conversations about the emotional aspect of their relationships.

The conflict arises when women share their emotions to elicit guilt while men may tend to intimidate.

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Men's commitment issues are related to hyperactivity.

A man meets a woman and is stimulated by the newness.

But when familiarity develops he frequently feels he can no longer focus and commit.

It's more exaggerated in men married twenty years or more.

John was clear, "I completely agree with you, and women feel exactly the same about how they're treated when they share their feelings with a man.

To me, women are much more vulnerable than men are but may not show it even though they want men to be.

In children it's visible as hyperactivity and restlessness, but what's fascinating is that a hyperactive child that sits in front of a computer is able to focus and stay focused.

Staying focused in a hyper-world is the challenge for adults too.

A Rolling Stones concert for instance is exciting and stimulates the production of dopamine.

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