Marrying after 6 months dating dating man 15 years older

When you’re attracted to someone physically, your brain is flooded with heady amounts of neurotransmitters—phenethylamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin—that cause you to believe that you cannot live without the person you’ve fallen for.This “crazy in love” feeling is temporary, lasting between 6 months and 3 years.

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Couples who date for 3 years or more have better chances of staying together and a more stable marriage.

The findings mimic those of a 2006 study which found that couples who have dated less than 6 months before marriage had the highest divorce rate.

So it would make sense that they would marry while they’re still crazy in love rather than after the limerence loses its luster.

For some couples, getting married soon after meeting serendipitously turns out to be a good decision.

wedding sites, jewelry stores and TLC shows, all have two things in common: hyping up the materialist aspect of marriage and, of course, love... To see if wedding propaganda played any part in helping marriages last, two Emory University professors conducted a survey called "'A Diamond is Forever' and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration." After surveying a sample of straight married couples this past summer and studying their marital habits, satisfaction and age at each part of their relationship milestones, they found that wedding logistisics (other than love) do matter, but not in the way you'd expect.

Randy Olson, a data analyst and Computer Science graduate research assistant, made graphs that break down the survey's findings — which Olson points out are trends in correlation, not causation.

But with one bad marriage already behind her, Nicole Kidman wasn't having any of that wait-and-see nonsense.

Plenty of couples mark many milestones together before deciding whether to take the leap from dating to mating.

In other words, the key to a long lasting marriage stems not from a lot of money, but love, mutual trust and support.

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