Marfan syndrome dating

He is tall and thin with very long legs, long arms, thin fingers, slightly stooped shoulders, slightly crowded teeth. Marfans effects the heart, eyes to name a few big conditions as you probrably allready know since you know a family with marfans.

His chest is nice and broad though but he has absolutley no butt. Let him know how deeply you feel and you want him to be around for a long, long time.

This is just my advice so take it for what its worth.

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And no matter what happens to your shell, it is all part of a master plan to elevate your soul and to keep the love inside you growing. It’s just waiting to be awoken, by you…inside of you.

For anyone who is reading this who feels that they can’t find love because maybe their shell does have its times of hardship, such as Marfan syndrome, don’t give up. It’s the strongest and greatest love of all: self-love.

Although to this Love Warrior, love is all day every day, but February is also Marfan Awareness Month.

But among all the heartbreak I had prior to meeting my love, there was a lesson here.

I wasn’t ready for this kind of love until I learned to LOVE myself.

By loving myself I was able to walk away from the wrong people, whereas before I would stay in the wrong relationships that clearly brought me down, and hurt me; because I didn’t fully love myself enough to recognize that I deserved better.

Once I realized this, then I STOPPED looking for love, and started focusing on myself.

Before I knew it, and when I least expected it …the RIGHT love, MY Love, came into my life.

A kind of love who protects you, puts you above anyone else, who sees your happiness as their happiness, and sees you as their lover AND their best friend. I’m lucky that I found my soulmate, my life partner, my best friend; and I don’t see his Marfan as a problem.

I see it as just another piece of him that doesn’t break him, but makes him the strong and inspiring man that he is today.

I remember a woman said to me last year at the Marfan conference that I was amazing for staying with my boyfriend shortly after he told me he had Marfan because of all the health issues that can potentially happen and how not everyone can handle the depths and intensity of it.

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