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I always tell him that, no matter how hard some days seem, to keep his head up and keep looking at the glass half full.I sometimes believe that, if he didn’t have Marfan, then perhaps he wouldn’t be the man I fell in love with today.He is tall and thin with very long legs, long arms, thin fingers, slightly stooped shoulders, slightly crowded teeth. Marfans effects the heart, eyes to name a few big conditions as you probrably allready know since you know a family with marfans.

Marfan syndrome is a connective tissue disorder characterized by unusually long limbs.

The most serious conditions associated with Marfan syndrome primarily involve the cardiovascular system. My son is the same way although my sons chest is sunken in and he hasconstant pain in his legs, arms, back, and joints.

Iike I said I'm new to Marfans and I'm learning a lot as I go with my son(14yrs) and he's 6'3.

I am also noticing other family members that have the same trait.

Once I realized this, then I STOPPED looking for love, and started focusing on myself.

Before I knew it, and when I least expected it …the RIGHT love, MY Love, came into my life.

Maybe success would have created a different man than the man who has survived hardships and had to grow up quickly into a humble good-hearted soul due to some of the hardships brought on by Marfan complications.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and in the end, whether you believe in heaven or reincarnation, it’s important to mainly believe that you are your inner SOUL not your outer shell.

That's why I became very curious when he told me he doesn't want children - that he doesn't need to have any genetic children of his own. Relationships are tough when trying to give advice for fear they might not want you to know.

Then I started noticing some unique physical characteristics that I remembered from a family whose children all had Marfan Syndrome. If your in a strong relationship I would say to talk with him about this.

This man, though, my own mutant super hero, may have some bionic pieces making up some pieces of his heart, but it’s still the BIGGEST and strongest heart I’ve ever intimately known.

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