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I have been to Malaysia many times in the past 15 years and my husband has been to England countless times.

My family adore him as I love and respect his family.

The distance has strangely never been an issue, and with massive technological advances our communications have improved and now I can see him in person on my hand phone.

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The morning was warm, the sun was out and I sat on the railings outside Mc Donald’s, smelling the breakfasts and coffee.

Then just after 10am, he came walking around the corner.

After almost six months of speaking on the phone he said he was flying to London and asked if I would like to meet up.

That was a day and occasion that has stayed with me since.

I can honestly say I can even remember the exact moment I realised I loved him.

I was sitting in my car at the traffic lights on Scott Arms Great Barr and it just hit me.

We chatted more and more online in the chat rooms, and if I’m honest I didn’t see it as anything more than online chatting.

I never thought we’d actually meet because once he told me he was from Malaysia I assumed it would just never happen.

I took a long slow road to recovery (almost seven months) but when I was poorly we were just casually chatting one day and it just sort of happened – we decided that if I lived and recovered we would get married, and that was that.

The following year (almost twelve months after I caught pneumonia) we contacted Birmingham registry office.

He still makes me laugh, he still listens to me, and I still ache and crave to hold him when he’s halfway across the globe.

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