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In the heart of Malacca town there is a historical structure known as The Stadhuys, the red square. On Friday and Saturday nights, the street is transformed into the Jonker Walk Night Market a lively bazaar with hawker food stalls and tourist-friendly stands.It was built by the Dutch who ruling Malacca in 1650. Alternatively, traditional trishaws (becas) can be hired to take you on a nostalgic journey through this historical site.From 1942 to 1945 the city was under Japanese Occupation.

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In 1551, after Malacca was defeated by the Portuguese, the sultan of Malacca who reluctant fled to Johore, launched a counterattack by poisoning the well.

Through this action, 200 Portuguese soldiers were killed. Where were once used by the British to provide free education, now the Stadhuys is now the home of a museum of history and ethnography.

Not until 1641 where Dutch took over Malacca after a fiery battle.

The Dutch then used the city as a military base and to control the Straits of Malacca.

The first were Afonso de Albuquerque who was a Portuguese in 1511.

Sultan Mahmud tried to counterattack the Portuguese repeatedly but failed without any success.At the south-western foot of Bukit China there is located a well that is believed to be the oldest existing well in Malacca.Under the orders of sultan Mansur Syah, the well was dug for his consort, the princess Hang Li Poh.While resting under a tree he asked his servant what was the name of the tree, after being informed that the tree was called Melaka, he finally gave that name to the city he is going to establish. Malacca is located at a very strategic point as it is located midway along the straits of Malacca that linked China to India and Near East.It was positioned as a center for maritime trade and with that the city grew rapidly.A unique feature about this building is wooden pegs is used in the construction of the building, so there is no nails.

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