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Desperate to talk to Brody, she takes Ben's ute and text him to meet her at the beach.

They met at the beach and Ziggy thanked him for sending Tori for her. Brody told Ziggy that he wished that he would be normal like he was before.

The Brody-Ziggy Relationship is a friend/romantic relationship between Brody Morgan and Ziggy Astoni. After a few weeks of being best friends, they start to care for each other and their friendship began to blossom into a relationship.

But Ziggy finds out that Jarrod has been cheating on her, she calls Brody to pick her up.

He drives back and watched Ziggy arguing with Jarrod before Ziggy gets into Brody's car and Jarrod asked Ziggy who is Brody, but she refuses to answer as she and Brody drove off.

However, as Brody was about to leave, he and Ziggy couldn't resist each other and they kiss, leading them to sleep together again.

After Brody left Ziggy's house, he went to the Surf Club with a smile in his face and Irene noticed that Brody hasn't end things with Ziggy and Brody tells Irene that he couldn't since he really wants to be with Ziggy.

Ben gives Brody and Ziggy his blessing and the couple got back together.

Brody and Ziggy first met while Brody went counselling in the city to deal with his drug addiction.While washing his hands in the bathroom, Ziggy came out of the cubical and begs him to hide from her father, Ben, who was looking for her.Brody hid Ziggy in his car as Ben arrives and asked Brody if he seen Ziggy.Ziggy replies to him that she likes him the way he is now. The next day, Ziggy told her best friend Olivia Fraser Richards that she slept with Brody last night and Irene Roberts overheard their conversation and she confronts Brody and reminds him that he is still recovering from his drug addiction and must tell Ziggy that they cannot be together.Ziggy sneaks Brody into her house after Ben and her mother Maggie Astoni went out.Things gets complicated when Ziggy's ex-boyfriend Jarrod Mc Gregor came to town to win Ziggy back.

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