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After a few weeks of dating, Brody ends the relationship, breaking Ziggy's heart, but they remain as friends.However, Brody realised he still loves Ziggy and tries to win her back.

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But a week later, Ziggy suffers a panic attack and having visions of Zannis' men coming after her.

Brody finds out about Ziggy's visions and sends his sister Tori Morgan, who is a doctor, to check on Ziggy.

However, as Brody was about to leave, he and Ziggy couldn't resist each other and they kiss, leading them to sleep together again.

After Brody left Ziggy's house, he went to the Surf Club with a smile in his face and Irene noticed that Brody hasn't end things with Ziggy and Brody tells Irene that he couldn't since he really wants to be with Ziggy.

Brody and Ziggy comes up with an escape plan, but fails, as Zannis beats Brody up as he tries to fight back, and Ziggy watched in horror as Brody was beaten.

Zannis' men takes Ziggy and Brody to the car until Robbo, who followed Kat takes Zannis's men down and disarmed Zannis, saving Ziggy and Brody.

Ziggy replies to him that she likes him the way he is now. The next day, Ziggy told her best friend Olivia Fraser Richards that she slept with Brody last night and Irene Roberts overheard their conversation and she confronts Brody and reminds him that he is still recovering from his drug addiction and must tell Ziggy that they cannot be together.

Ziggy sneaks Brody into her house after Ben and her mother Maggie Astoni went out.

Ziggy and Brody spend their time making out until Brody tells Ziggy that he's still recovering and doesn't want to harm her, as she assures him he won't.

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