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She was the one who inspired Ichijo to join the military and yet she had pretty much nothing to say about her cousin’s rants until much later in the show when he was whoring her out across various towns. He should have been killed off some five-six episodes after he was introduced. At least, you edited the entry and change the things. However I maintain Minmay as a prototype for a tsundere, aloof personality, least ways in the Robotech series which I have the most experience with.

Dana Sterling was a half-human, half-Zentraedi woman, the eldest child of Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling.

Dana was left on Earth when her family traveled with the Robotech Expeditionary Force to Tirol.

Too much Minmay hate from the people that have only watched the movie or Roboshit.

I was there personally when Mikimoto put the smackdown on Misa/Lisa fans when they started to get going on the Minmay hate: Mikimoto: I personally think Minmay is much more mature as a woman, because Misa isn’t very in touch with herself. I can’t understand how you managed to stand the terrible animation quality of the 80’s and re-watched the original Macross.

Unbeknownst to them, the Robotech Masters had actually left years before, and made the first attack on the Earth only 4 years later, in 2029.

Dana graduated from the Robotech Military Academy in that year, and eventually became the commanding officer of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps.The movie will be entitled Macross F: Itsuwari no Utahime (The Songstress of Lies), and is due in theaters November 21st. Also featured in this issue is a preview of a newly stylized version of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross manga showing the partially nude tsundere alien cajoler Lynn Minmay, whose appearance in any new production is sadly not hinted at. Probably there is a good reason why old as hell Zendradi scientist guy in Macross F has a locket of her. The pair stayed around long enough to go to Rick Hunter's and Lisa Hayes' wedding, then returned to Earth.(Robotech II: The Sentinels) After her parents left, Dana was taken care of by Bron, Rico, and Konda: her god parents.(Macross Saga: "Season's Greetings") One day, her mother went missing, having been contacted by an old Zentraedi and leaving with no trace. She was put into the care of Vince Grant and his family, including Bowie Grant. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: The Malcontent Uprisings: Picking up the Pieces) In the year 2022, both Dana and Bowie were separated from their parents when they left to join the Pioneer Expedition onboard the SDF-3.

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