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Key Server 12067=Gjamer 12223=Hack99 Key Logger 12345=NB - Net Bus 12346=Gaban Bus, Net Bus, X-bill 12361=Whack-a-mole 12362=Whack-a-mole 12631=Whackjob 13000=Senna Spy 13326=CROSSFIRE[GAME] - crossfire[game] 16660=Stacheldraht Master Serverd 16969=Priority 17007=ISODE-DUA - 17300=Kuang2 The Virus 18000=BIIMENU - Beckman Instruments Inc.

Call 122=SMAKYNET - SMAKYNET 123=NTP - Network Time Protocol 124=ANSATRADER - ANSA REX Trader 125=LOCUS-MAP - Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser 126=UNITARY - Unisys Unitary Login 127=LOCUS-CON - Locus PC-Interface Conn Server 128=GSS-XLICEN - GSS X License Verification 129=PWDGEN - Password Generator Protocol 130=CISCO-FNA - cisco FNATIVE 131=CISCO-TNA - cisco TNATIVE 132=CISCO-SYS - cisco SYSMAINT 133=STATSRV - Statistics Service 134=INGRES-NET - INGRES-NET Service 135=RPC-LOCATOR - RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Location Service 136=PROFILE - PROFILE Naming System 137=NETBIOS-NS - NETBIOS Name Service 138=NETBIOS-DGM - NETBIOS Datagram Service 139=NETBIOS-SSN - NETBIOS Session Service 140=EMFIS-DATA - EMFIS Data Service 141=EMFIS-CNTL - EMFIS Control Service 142=BL-IDM - Britton-Lee IDM 143=IMAP - Interim Mail Access Protocol v2 144=NEWS - New S 145=UAAC - UAAC Protocol 146=ISO-TP0 - ISO-IP0 147=ISO-IP - ISO-IP 148=CRONUS - CRONUS-SUPPORT 149=AED-512 - AED 512 Emulation Service 150=SQL-NET - SQL-NET 151=HEMS - HEMS 152=BFTP - Background File Transfer Program 153=SGMP - SGMP 154=NETSC-PROD - NETSC 155=NETSC-DEV - NETSC 156=SQLSRV - SQL Service 157=KNET-CMP - KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol 158=PCMAIL-SRV - PCMail Server 159=NSS-ROUTING - NSS-Routing 160=SGMP-TRAPS - SGMP-TRAPS 161=SNMP - SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) 162=SNMPTRAP - SNMPTRAP (Simple Network Management Protocol) 163=CMIP-MAN - CMIP/TCP Manager 164=CMIP-AGENT - CMIP/TCP Agent 165=XNS-COURIER - Xerox 166=S-NET - Sirius Systems 167=NAMP - NAMP 168=RSVD - RSVD 169=SEND - SEND 170=PRINT-SRV - Network Post Script 171=MULTIPLEX - Network Innovations Multiplex 172=CL/1 - Network Innovations CL/1 173=XYPLEX-MUX - Xyplex 174=MAILQ - MAILQ 175=VMNET - VMNET 176=GENRAD-MUX - GENRAD-MUX 177=XDMCP - X Display Manager Control Protocol 178=NEXTSTEP - Next Step Window Server 179=BGP - Border Gateway Protocol 180=RIS - Intergraph 181=UNIFY - Unify 182=AUDIT - Unisys Audit SITP 183=OCBINDER - OCBinder 184=OCSERVER - OCServer 185=REMOTE-KIS - Remote-KIS 186=KIS - KIS Protocol 187=ACI - Application Communication Interface 188=MUMPS - Plus Five's MUMPS 189=QFT - Queued File Transport 190=GACP - Gateway Access Control Protocol 191=PROSPERO - Prospero Directory Service 192=OSU-NMS - OSU Network Monitoring System 193=SRMP - Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol 194=IRC - Internet Relay Chat Protocol 195=DN6-NLM-AUD - DNSIX Network Level Module Audit 196=DN6-SMM-RED - DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir 197=DLS - Directory Location Service 198=DLS-MON - Directory Location Service Monitor 199=SMUX - SMUX 200=SRC - IBM System Resource Controller 201=AT-RTMP - Apple Talk Routing Maintenance 202=AT-NBP - Apple Talk Name Binding 203=AT-3 - Apple Talk Unused 204=AT-ECHO - Apple Talk Echo 205=AT-5 - Apple Talk Unused 206=AT-ZIS - Apple Talk Zone Information 207=AT-7 - Apple Talk Unused 208=AT-8 - Apple Talk Unused 209=QMTP - The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol 210=Z39.50 - ANSI Z39.50 211=914C/G - Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal 212=ANET - ATEXSSTR 213=IPX - IPX 214=VMPWSCS - VM PWSCS 215=SOFTPC - Insignia Solutions 216=CAILIC - Computer Associates Int'l License Server 217=DBASE - d BASE Unix 218=MPP - Netix Message Posting Protocol 219=UARPS - Unisys ARPs 220=IMAP3 - Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3 221=FLN-SPX - Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth 222=RSH-SPX - Berkeley rshd with SPX auth 223=CDC - Certificate Distribution Center 242=DIRECT - 243=SUR-MEAS - Survey Measurement 244=DAYNA - 245=LINK - LINK 246=DSP3270 - Display Systems Protocol 247=SUBNTBCST_TFTP - 248=BHFHS - 256=RAP - 257=SET - Secure Electronic Transaction 258=YAK-CHAT - Yak Winsock Personal Chat 259=ESRO-GEN - Efficient Short Remote Operations 260=OPENPORT - 261=NSIIOPS - IIOP Name Service Over TLS/SSL 262=ARCISDMS - 263=HDAP - 264=BGMP - 280=HTTP-MGMT - 281=PERSONAL-LINK - 282=CABLEPORT-AX - Cable Port A/X 308=NOVASTORBAKCUP - Novastor Backup 309=ENTRUSTTIME - 310=BHMDS - 311=ASIP-WEBADMIN - Appleshare IP Webadmin 312=VSLMP - 313=MAGENTA-LOGIC - 314=OPALIS-ROBOT - 315=DPSI - 316=DECAUTH - 317=ZANNET - 321=PIP - 344=PDAP - Prospero Data Access Protocol 345=PAWSERV - Perf Analysis Workbench 346=ZSERV - Zebra server 347=FATSERV - Fatmen Server 348=CSI-SGWP - Cabletron Management Protocol 349=MFTP - 350=MATIP-TYPE-A - MATIP Type A 351=MATIP-TYPE-B - MATIP Type B or bhoetty 352=DTAG-STE-SB - DTAG, or bhoedap4 353=NDSAUTH - 354=BH611 - 355=DATEX-ASN - 356=CLOANTO-NET-1 - Cloanto Net 1 357=BHEVENT - 358=SHRINKWRAP - 359=TENEBRIS_NTS - Tenebris Network Trace Service 360=SCOI2ODIALOG - 361=SEMANTIX - 362=SRSSEND - SRS Send 363=RSVP_TUNNEL - 364=AURORA-CMGR - 365=DTK - Deception Tool Kit 366=ODMR - 367=MORTGAGEWARE - 368=QBIKGDP - 369=RPC2PORTMAP - 370=CODAAUTH2 - 371=CLEARCASE - Clearcase 372=ULISTSERV - Unix Listserv 373=LEGENT-1 - Legent Corporation 374=LEGENT-2 - Legent Corporation 375=HASSLE - Hassle 376=NIP - Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto 377=TNETOS - NEC Corporation 378=DSETOS - NEC Corporation 379=IS99C - TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client 380=IS99S - TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server 381=HP-COLLECTOR - HP Performance Data Collector 382=HP-MANAGED-NODE - HP Performance Data Managed Node 383=HP-ALARM-MGR - HP Performance Data Alarm Manager 384=ARNS - A Remote Network Server System 385=IBM-APP - IBM Application 386=ASA - ASA Message Router Object Def. 388=UNIDATA-LDM - Unidata LDM Version 4 389=LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 390=UIS - UIS 391=SYNOTICS-RELAY - Syn Optics SNMP Relay Port 392=SYNOTICS-BROKER - Syn Optics Port Broker Port 393=DIS - Data Interpretation System 394=EMBL-NDT - EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer 395=NETCP - NETscout Control Protocol 396=NETWARE-IP - Novell Netware over IP 397=MPTN - Multi Protocol Trans. 398=KRYPTOLAN - Kryptolan 399=ISO-TSAP-C2 - ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP 400=WORK-SOL - Workstation Solutions 401=UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply 402=GENIE - Genie Protocol 403=DECAP - decap 404=NCED - nced 405=NCLD - ncld 406=IMSP - Interactive Mail Support Protocol 407=TIMBUKTU - Timbuktu 408=PRM-SM - Prospero Resource Manager Sys. - HTTP Alternate 592=EUDORA-SET - 593=HTTP-RPC-EPMAP - HTTP RPC Ep Map 594=TPIP - 595=CAB-PROTOCOL - 596=SMSD - 597=PTCNAMESERVICE - PTC Name Service 598=SCO-WEBSRVRMG3 - SCO Web Server Manager 3 599=ACP - Aeolon Core Protocol 600=IPCSERVER - Sun IPC server 606=URM - Cray Unified Resource Manager 607=NQS - nqs 608=SIFT-UFT - Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer 609=NPMP-TRAP - npmp-trap 610=NPMP-LOCAL - npmp-local 611=NPMP-GUI - npmp-gui 628=QMQP - Qmail Quick Mail Queueing 633=SERVSTAT - Service Status update (Sterling Software) 634=GINAD - ginad 635=MOUNT - NFS Mount Service 636=LDAPSSL - LDAP Over SSL 640=PCNFS - PC-NFS DOS Authentication 650=BWNFS - BW-NFS DOS Authentication 666=DOOM - doom Id Software 674=PORT 704=ELCSD - errlog copy/server daemon 709=ENTRUSTMANAGER - Entrust Manager 729=NETVIEWDM1 - IBM Net View DM/6000 Server/Client 730=NETVIEWDM2 - IBM Net View DM/6000 send/tcp 731=NETVIEWDM3 - IBM Net View DM/6000 receive/tcp 737=SOMETIMES-RPC2 - Rusersd on my Open BSD Box 740=NETCP - NETscout Control Protocol 741=NETGW - net GW 742=NETRCS - Network based Rev. License Manager 1510=MVX-LM - Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. License Manager 1609=ISYSG-LM - isysg-lm 1610=TAURUS-WH - taurus-wh 1611=ILL - Inter Library Loan 1612=NETBILL-TRANS - Net Bill Transaction Server 1613=NETBILL-KEYREP - Net Bill Key Repository 1614=NETBILL-CRED - Net Bill Credential Server 1615=NETBILL-AUTH - Net Bill Authorization Server 1616=NETBILL-PROD - Net Bill Product Server 1617=NIMROD-AGENT - Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication 1618=SKYTELNET - skytelne 1619=XS-OPENBACKUP - xs-openbackup 1620=FAXPORTWINPORT - faxportwinport 1621=SOFTDATAPHONE - softdataphone 1622=ONTIME - ontime 1623=JALEOSND - jaleosnd 1624=UDP-SR-PORT - udp-sr-port 1625=SVS-OMAGENT - svs-omagent 1636=CNCP - Cable Net Control Protocol 1637=CNAP - Cable Net Admin Protocol 1638=CNIP - Cable Net Info Protocol 1639=CERT-INITIATOR - cert-initiator 1640=CERT-RESPONDER - cert-responder 1641=INVISION - In Vision 1642=ISIS-AM - isis-am 1643=ISIS-AMBC - isis-ambc 1644=SAISEH - Satellite-data Acquisition System 4 1645=DATAMETRICS - datametrics 1646=SA-MSG-PORT - sa-msg-port 1647=RSAP - rsap 1648=CONCURRENT-LM - concurrent-lm 1649=INSPECT - inspect 1650=NKD - 1651=SHIVA_CONFSRVR - shiva_confsrvr 1652=XNMP - xnmp 1653=ALPHATECH-LM - alphatech-lm 1654=STARGATEALERTS - stargatealerts 1655=DEC-MBADMIN - dec-mbadmin 1656=DEC-MBADMIN-H - dec-mbadmin-h 1657=FUJITSU-MMPDC - fujitsu-mmpdc 1658=SIXNETUDR - sixnetudr 1659=SG-LM - Silicon Grail License Manager 1660=SKIP-MC-GIKREQ - skip-mc-gikreq 1661=NETVIEW-AIX-1 - netview-aix-1 1662=NETVIEW-AIX-2 - netview-aix-2 1663=NETVIEW-AIX-3 - netview-aix-3 1664=NETVIEW-AIX-4 - netview-aix-4 1665=NETVIEW-AIX-5 - netview-aix-5 1666=NETVIEW-AIX-6 - netview-aix-6 1667=NETVIEW-AIX-7 - netview-aix-7 1668=NETVIEW-AIX-8 - netview-aix-8 1669=NETVIEW-AIX-9 - netview-aix-9 1670=NETVIEW-AIX-10 - netview-aix-10 1671=NETVIEW-AIX-11 - netview-aix-11 1672=NETVIEW-AIX-12 - netview-aix-12 1673=PROSHARE-MC-1 - Intel Proshare Multicast 1674=PROSHARE-MC-2 - Intel Proshare Multicast 1675=PDP - Pacific Data Products 1676=NEFCOMM1 - netcomm1 1677=GROUPWISE - groupwise 1723=PPTP - pptp 1807=Spy Sender 1812=RADIUS - RADIUS Authentication Protocol 1813=RADACCT - RADIUS Accounting Protocol 1827=PCM - PCM Agent 1981=Shockrave 1986=LICENSEDAEMON - cisco license management 1987=TR-RSRB-P1 - cisco RSRB Priority 1 port 1988=TR-RSRB-P2 - cisco RSRB Priority 2 port 1989=MSHNET - MHSnet system 1990=STUN-P1 - cisco STUN Priority 1 port 1991=STUN-P2 - cisco STUN Priority 2 port 1992=IPSENDMSG - IPsendmsg 1993=SNMP-TCP-PORT - cisco SNMP TCP port 1994=STUN-PORT - cisco serial tunnel port 1995=PERF-PORT - cisco perf port 1996=TR-RSRB-PORT - cisco Remote SRB port 1997=GDP-PORT - cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol 1998=X25-SVC-PORT - cisco X.25 service (XOT) 1999=TCP-ID-PORT - cisco identification port 2000=CALLBOOK - 2001=DC - 2002=GLOBE - 2003=CFINGER - cfinger 2004=MAILBOX - 2005=BERKNET - 2006=INVOKATOR - 2007=DECTALK - 2008=CONF - 2009=NEWS - 2010=SEARCH - 2011=RAID-CC - raid 2012=TTYINFO - 2013=RAID-AM - 2014=TROFF - 2015=CYPRESS - 2016=BOOTSERVER - 2017=CYPRESS-STAT - 2018=TERMINALDB - 2019=WHOSOCKAMI - 2020=XINUPAGESERVER - 2021=SERVEXEC - 2022=DOWN - 2023=XINUEXPANSION3 - 2024=XINUEXPANSION4 - 2025=ELLPACK - 2026=SCRABBLE - 2027=SHADOWSERVER - 2028=SUBMITSERVER - 2030=DEVICE2 - 2032=BLACKBOARD - 2033=GLOGGER - 2034=SCOREMGR - 2035=IMSLDOC - 2038=OBJECTMANAGER - 2040=LAM - 2041=INTERBASE - 2042=ISIS - isis 2043=ISIS-BCAST - isis-bcast 2044=RIMSL - 2045=CDFUNC - 2046=SDFUNC - 2047=DLS - 2048=DLS-MONITOR - dls-monitor 2064=DISTRIB-NETASSHOLES - A group of lamers working on a closed-source client for solving the RSA cryptographic challenge 2065=DLSRPN - Data Link Switch Read Port Number 2067=DLSWPN - Data Link Switch Write Port Number 2080=Wingate Winsock Redirector Service 2103=ZEPHYR-CLT - Zephyr Serv-HM Conncetion 2104=Zephyr Host Manager 2105=EKLOGIN - Kerberos (v4) Encrypted RLogin 2106=EKSHELL - Kerberos (v4) Encrypted RShell 2108=RKINIT - Kerberos (v4) Remote Initialization 2111=KX - X Over Kerberos 2112=KIP - IP Over Kerberos 2115=Bugs 2120=KAUTH - Remote kauth 2140=Deep Throat, The Invasor 2155=Illusion Mailer 2201=ATS - Advanced Training System Program 2221=UNREG-AB1 - Allen-Bradley unregistered port 2222=UNREG-AB2 - Allen-Bradley unregistered port 2223=INREG-AB3 - Allen-Bradley unregistered port 2232=IVS-VIDEO - IVS Video default 2241=IVSD - IVS Daemon 2283=HVL Rat5 2301=CIM - Compaq Insight Manager 2307=PEHELP - pehelp 2401=CVSPSERVER - CVS Network Server 2430=VENUS - 2431=VENUS-SE - 2432=CODASRV - 2433=CODASRV-SE - 2500=RTSSERV - Resource Tracking system server 2501=RTSCLIENT - Resource Tracking system client 2564=HP-3000-TELNET - HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet 2565=Striker 2583=Win Crash 2592=NETREK[GAME] - netrek[game] 2600=Digital Rootbeer 2601=ZEBRA - Zebra VTY 2602=RIPD - RIPd VTY 2603=RIPNGD - RIPngd VTY 2604=OSPFD - OSPFd VTY 2605=BGPD - BGPd VTY 2627=WEBSTER - 2638=Sybase Database 2700=TQDATA - tqdata 2766=LISTEN - System V Listener Port 2784=WWW-DEV - world wide web - development 2800=Phineas Phucker 2989=(UDP) - RAT 3000=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 3001=NESSUSD - Nessus Security Scanner 3005=DESLOGIN - Encrypted Symmetric Telnet 3006=DESLOGIND - 3024=Win Crash 3049=NSWS - 3064=DISTRIB-NET-PROXY - Stupid closed source proxy 3086=SJ3 - SJ3 (Kanji Input) 3128=Ring Zero - 3129=Masters Paradise - 3130=SQUID-IPC - 3141=VMODEM - VMODEM 3150=Deep Throat, The Invasor 3155=HTTP Proxy 3264=CCMAIL - cc:mail/lotus 3295=PORT 3306=MYSQL 3333=DEC-NOTES - DEC Notes 3421=BMAP - Bull Apprise portmapper 3454=MIRA - Apple Remote Access Protocol 3455=PRSVP - RSVP Port 3456=VAT - VAT default data 3457=VAT-CONTROL - VAT default control 3459=Eclipse 2000 3700=Portal of Doom 3791=Eclypse 3801=(UDP) - Eclypse 3871=PORT 3900=UDT_OS - Unidata UDT OS 3905=PORT 3908=PORT 3920=PORT 3921=PORT 3922=PORT 3923=PORT 3925=PORT 3975=PORT 3984=MAPPER-NODEMGR - MAPPER network node manager 3985=MAPPER-MAPETHD - MAPPER TCP/IP server 3986=MAPPER-WS_ETHD - MAPPER workstation server 3996=PORT 4000=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 4001=PORT 4008=NETCHEQUE - Net Cheque accounting 4045=LOCKD - NFS Lock Daemon 4092=Win Crash 4132=NUTS_DEM - NUTS Daemon 4133=NUTS_BOOTP - NUTS Bootp Server 4321=RWHOIS - Remote Who Is 4333=MSQL - Mini SQL Server 4343=UNICALL - UNICALL 4444=NV-VIDEO - NV Video default 4500=SAE-URN - sae-urn 4501=URN-X-CDCHOICE - urn-x-cdchoice 4557=FAX - fax 4559=HYLAFAX - Hyla FAX cli-svr Protocol 4567=File Nail 4590=ICQTrojan 4672=RFA - remote file access server 4899=RAdmin - Remote Administrator 5000=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 5001=COMMPLEX-LINK - 5002=RFE - radio free ethernet 5003=CLARIS-FMPRO - Claris File Maker Pro 5004=AVT-PROFILE-1 - avt-profile-1 5005=AVT-PROFILE-2 - avt-profile-2 5010=TELELPATHSTART - Telepath Start 5011=TELELPATHATTACK - Telepath Attack 5031=Net Metro 5050=MMCC - multimedia conference control tool 5075=IISADMIN=IIS Administration Web Site 5145=RMONITOR_SECURE - 5190=AOL - America-Online 5191=AOL-1 - America Online1 5192=AOL-2 - America Online2 5193=AOL-3 - America Online3 5232=SGI-DGL - SGI Distributed Graphics 5236=PADL2SIM 5300=HACL-HB - HA Cluster Heartbeat 5301=HACL-GS - HA Cluster General Services 5302=HACL-CFG - HA Cluster Configuration 5303=HACL-PROBE - HA Cluster Probing 5304=HACL-LOCAL 5305=HACL-TEST 5308=CFENGINE - 5321=Firehotcker 5376=MS FTP 5400=Blade Runner, Back Construction 5401=Blade Runner, Back Construction 5402=Blade Runner, Back Construction 5432=POSTGRES - Postgres Database Server 5500=Hotline Server 5510=SECUREIDPROP - ACE/Server Services 5512=Illusion Maker 5520=SDLOG - ACE/Server Services 5530=SDSERV - ACE/Server Services 5540=SDXAUTHD - ACE/Server Services 5550=Xtcp 5555=Serve Me 5556=Bo 5557=Bo 5569=Robo-Hack 5631=PCANYWHEREDATA - 5632=PCANYWHERESTAT - 5650=MS FTP PORT 5680=CANNA - Canna (Jap Input) 5713=PROSHAREAUDIO - proshare conf audio 5714=PROSHAREVIDEO - proshare conf video 5715=PROSHAREDATA - proshare conf data 5716=PROSHAREREQUEST - proshare conf request 5717=PROSHARENOTIFY - proshare conf notify 5742=Win Crash 5800=VNC - Virtual Network Computing 5801=VNC - Virtual Network Computing 5858=NETREK[GAME] - netrek[game] 5900=VNC - Virtual Network Computing 5901=VNC-1 - Virtual Network Computing Display 5902=VNC-2 - Virtual Network Computing Display 5977=NCD-PREF-TCP - NCD Preferences 5978=NCD-DIAG-TCP - NCD Diagnostics 5979=NCD-CONF-TCP - NCD Configuration 5997=NCD-PREF - NCD Preferences Telnet 5998=NCD-DIAG - NCD Diagnostics Telnet 5999=NCD-CONF - NCD Configuration Telnet 6000=X11 - X Window System 6001=X11:1 - X Window Server 6002=X11:2 - X Window Server 6003=X11:3 - X Window Server 6004=X11:4 - X Window Server 6005=X11:5 - X Window Server 6006=X11:6 - X Window Server 6007=X11:7 - X Window Server 6008=X11:8 - X Window Server 6009=X11:9 - X Window Server 6110=SOFTCM - HP Soft Bench CM 6111=SPC - HP Soft Bench Sub-Process Control 6112=DTSPCD - dtspcd 6141=META-CORP - Meta Corporation License Manager 6142=ASPENTEC-LM - Aspen Technology License Manager 6143=WATERSHED-LM - Watershed License Manager 6144=STATSCI1-LM - Stat Sci License Manager - 1 6145=STATSCI2-LM - Stat Sci License Manager - 2 6146=LONEWOLF-LM - Lone Wolf Systems License Manager 6147=MONTAGE-LM - Montage License Manager 6148=RICARDO-LM - Ricardo North America License Manager 6149=TAL-POD - tal-pod 6400=The Thing 6455=SKIP-CERT-RECV - SKIP Certificate Receive 6456=SKIP-CERT-SEND - SKIP Certificate Send 6558=XDSXDM - 6660=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6661=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6662=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6663=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6664=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6665=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6666=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6667=IRC - irc 6668=IRC - irc 6669=Vampyre 6670=Deep Throat 6671=IRC-SERV - irc-serv 6771=Deep Throat 6776=Back Door-G, Sub Seven 6912=Shit Heep 6939=Indoctrination 6969=ACMSODA - acmsoda 6970=Gate Crasher, Priority, IRC 3 7000=AFSSERV - file server itself 7001=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 7002=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 7003=AFS3-VLSERVER - volume location database 7004=AFS3-KASERVER - AFS/Kerberos authentication service 7005=AFS3-VOLSER - volume managment server 7006=AFS3-ERRORS - error interpretation service 7007=AFS3-BOS - basic overseer process 7008=AFS3-UPDATE - server-to-server updater 7009=AFS3-RMTSYS - remote cache manager service 7010=UPS-ONLINET - onlinet uninterruptable power supplies 7100=FONT-SERVICE - X Font Service 7120=IISADMIN=IIS Administration Web Site 7121=VIRPROT-LM - Virtual Prototypes License Manager 7200=FODMS - FODMS FLIP 7201=DLIP - DLIP 7300=Net Monitor 7301=Net Monitor 7306=Net Monitor 7307=Net Monitor 7308=Net Monitor 7309=Net Monitor 7326=ICB - Internet Citizen's Band 7648=CUCME-1 - Cuc Me live video/Audio Server 7649=CUCME-2 - Cuc Me live video/Audio Server 7650=CUCME-3 - Cuc Me live video/Audio Server 7651=CUCME-4 - Cuc Me live video/Audio Server 7770=IRC 7777=CBT - cbt 7789=Back Door Setup, ICKiller 8000=Generic - Shared service port 8001=Generic - Shared service port 8002=Generic - Shared service port 8003=Generic - Shared service port 8004=Generic - Shared service port 8005=Generic - Shared service port 8006=Generic - Shared service port 8007=Generic - Shared service port 8008=Generic - Shared service port 8009=Generic - Shared service port 8010=Generic - Shared service port 8080=Generic - Shared service port 8081=Generic - Shared service port 8082=Generic - Shared service port 8083=Generic - Shared service port 8084=Generic - Shared service port 8085=Generic - Shared service port 8086=Generic - Shared service port 8087=Generic - Shared service port 8088=Generic - Shared service port 8100=Generic - Shared service port 8101=Generic - Shared service port 8102=Generic - Shared service port 8103=Generic - Shared service port 8104=Generic - Shared service port 8105=Generic - Shared service port 8106=Generic - Shared service port 8107=Generic - Shared service port 8108=Generic - Shared service port 8109=Generic - Shared service port 8110=Generic - Shared service port 8181=Generic - Shared service port 8383=Generic - Shared service port 8450=NPMP - npmp 8765=Ultraseek 8807=DEMOS NNTP 8888=Site Scope - Site Scope Remote Server Monitoring 8892=SEOSLOAD - e Trust ACX 9000=UNKNOWN - Unknown Service 9001=UNKNOWN 9010=SERVICE 9090=ZEUS-ADMIN - Zeus Admin Server 9095=SERVICE 9100=JETDIRECT - HP Jet Direct Card 9200=WAP - Wireless Application Protocol 9201=WAP - Wireless Application Protocol 9202=WAP - Wireless Application Protocol 9203=WAP - Wireless Application Protocol 9400=In Command 9535=MAN - 9872=Portal of Doom 9873=Portal of Doom 9874=Portal of Doom 9875=Portal of Doom 9876=SD - Session Director 9989=i Ni-Killer 9998=DEMOS SMTP 9999=DISTINCT - distinct 10005=STEL - Secure Telnet 10067=(UDP) - Portal of Doom 10080=AMANDA - Amanda Backup Util 10082=AMANDA-IDX - Amanda Indexing 10083=AMIDXTAPE - Amanda Tape Indexing 10101=Brain Spy 10167=(UDP) - Portal of Doom 10520=Acid Shivers 10607=Coma 11000=Senna Spy 11223=Progenic trojan 11371=PKSD - PGP Pub. 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