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1=TCP-MUX - TCP Port Service Multiplexer 2=COMPRESSNET - Management Utility 3=COMPRESSNET - Compression Process 5=RJE - Remote Job Entry 7=ECHO - Echo 9=DISCARD - Discard 11=SYSSTAT - System Status 13=DAYTIME - Daytime 15=NETSTAT - Network Status 17=QOTD - Quote of the Day 18=MSP - Message Send Protocol 19=CHARGEN - Character Generator 20=FTP-DATA - File Transfer Protocol [Default Data] 21=FTP - File Transfer Protocol [Control] 22=SSH - SSH (Secure Shell) Remote Login Protocol 23=TELNET - Telnet 24=PMS - Private Mail System 25=SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 27=NSW-FE - NSW User System FE 29=MSG-ICP - Messege ICP 31=MSG-AUTH - Messege Authentication 33=DSP - Display Support Protocol 35=PPS - Private Printer Server 37=TIME - Time 38=RAP - Route Access Protocol 39=RLP - Resource Location Protocol 41=GRAPHICS - Graphics 42=NAMESERVER - Host Name Server 43=WHOIS - Who Is 44=MPM-FLAGS - MPM FLAGS Protocol 45=MPM - Message Processing Module [recv] 46=MPM-SND - MPM [default send] 47=NI-FTP - NI FTP (File Transfer Protocol) 48=AUDITD - Digital Audit Daemon 49=BBN-LOGIN - Login Host Protocol (TACACS) 50=RE-MAIL-CK - Remote Mail Checking Protocol 51=LA-MAINT - IMP Logical i Maintenance 52=XNS-TIME - XNS Time Protocol 53=DOMAIN - Domain Name Server 54=XNS-CH - XNS Clearinghouse 55=ISI-GL - ISI Graphics Language 56=XNS-AUTH - XNS Authentication 57=MTP - Private terminal access 58=XNS-MAIL - XNS Mail 59=PFS - Private File System 60=Unassigned 61=NI-MAIL - NI MAIL 62=ACAS - ACA Services 63=WHOIS - whois 64=COVIA - Communications Integrator (CI) 65=TACACS-DS - TACACS-Database Service 66=SQL*NET - Oracle SQL*NET 67=BOOTPS - Bootstrap Protocol Server 68=BOOTPC - Bootstrap Protocol Client 69=TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol 70=GOPHER - Gopher 71=NETRJS-1 - Remote Job Service 72=NETRJS-2 - Remote Job Service 73=NETRJS-3 - Remote Job Service 74=NETRJS-4 - Remote Job Service 75=PDOS - Private dial out service 76=DEOS - Distributed External Object Store 77=RJE - Private RJE (Remote Job Entry) service 78=VETTCP - vettcp 79=FINGER - Finger 80=WWW-HTTP - World Wide Web HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) 81=HOSTS2-NS - HOSTS2 Name Server 82=XFER - XFER Utility 83=MIT-ML-DEV - MIT ML Device 84=CTF - Common Trace Facility 85=MIT-ML-DEV - MIT ML Device 86=MFCOBOL - Micro Focus Cobol 87=LINK - Private terminal link 88=KERBEROS - Kerberos 89=SU-MIT-TG - SU/MIT Telnet Gateway 90=DNSIX - DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map 91=MIT-DOV - MIT Dover Spooler 92=NPP - Network Printing Protocol 93=DCP - Device Control Protocol 94=OBJCALL - Tivoli Object Dispatcher 95=SUPDUP - SUPDUP 96=DIXIE - DIXIE Protocol Specification 97=SWIFT-RVF - Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol 98=TACNEWS - TAC News 99=METAGRAM - Metagram Relay 100=NEWACCT - [unauthorized use] 101=HOSTNAMES - NIC Host Name Server 102=ISO-TSAP - ISO-TSAP Class 0 103=X400 - x400 104=X400-SND - x400-snd 105=CSNET-NS - Mailbox Name Nameserver 106=3COM-TSMUX - 3COM-TSMUX 107=RTELNET - Remote Telnet Service 108=SNAGAS - SNA Gateway Access Server 109=POP - Post Office Protocol - Version 2 110=POP3 - Post Office Protocol - Version 3 111=SUNRPC - SUN Remote Procedure Call 112=MCIDAS - Mc IDAS Data Transmission Protocol 113=IDENT - Authentication Service 114=AUDIONEWS - Audio News Multicast 115=SFTP - Simple File Transfer Protocol 116=ANSANOTIFY - ANSA REX Notify 117=UUCP-PATH - UUCP Path Service 118=SQLSERV - SQL Services 119=NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol 120=CFDPTKT - CFDPTKT 121=ERPC - Encore Expedited Remote Pro. 410=DECLADEBUG - DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol 411=RMT - Remote MT Protocol 412=SYNOPTICS-TRAP - Trap Convention Port 413=SMSP - SMSP 414=INFOSEEK - Info Seek 415=BNET - BNet 416=SILVERPLATTER - Silverplatter 417=ONMUX - Onmux 418=HYPER-G - Hyper-G 419=ARIEL1 - Ariel 420=SMPTE - SMPTE 421=ARIEL2 - Ariel 422=ARIEL3 - Ariel 423=OPC-JOB-START - IBM Operations Planning and Control Start 424=OPC-JOB-TRACK - IBM Operations Planning and Control Track 425=ICAD-EL - ICAD 426=SMARTSDP - smartsdp 427=SVRLOC - Server Location 428=OCS_CMU - OCS_CMU 429=OCS_AMU - OCS_AMU 430=UTMPSD - UTMPSD 431=UTMPCD - UTMPCD 432=IASD - IASD 433=NNSP - NNSP 434=MOBILEIP-AGENT - Mobile IP-Agent 435=MOBILIP-MN - Mobil IP-MN 436=DNA-CML - DNA-CML 437=COMSCM - comscm 438=DSFGW - dsfgw 439=DASP - dasp 440=SGCP - sgcp 441=DECVMS-SYSMGT - decvms-sysmgt 442=CVC_HOSTD - cvc_hostd 443=HTTPS - HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) - SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 444=SNPP - Simple Network Paging Protocol 445=MICROSOFT-DS - Microsoft-DS 446=DDM-RDB - DDM-RDB 447=DDM-DFM - DDM-RFM 448=DDM-BYTE - DDM-BYTE 449=AS-SERVERMAP - AS Server Mapper 450=TSERVER - TServer 451=SFS-SMP-NET - Cray Network Semaphore server 452=SFS-CONFIG - Cray SFS config server 453=CREATIVESERVER - Creative Server 454=CONTENTSERVER - Content Server 455=CREATIVEPARTNR - Creative Partnr 456=MACON-TCP - macon-tcp 457=SCOHELP - scohelp 458=APPLEQTC - Apple Quick Time 459=AMPR-RCMD - ampr-rcmd 460=SKRONK - skronk 461=DATASURFSRV - Data Ramp Srv 462=DATASURFSRVSEC - Data Ramp Srv Sec 463=ALPES - alpes 464=KPASSWD - kpasswd 465=SSMTP - ssmtp 466=DIGITAL-VRC - digital-vrc 467=MYLEX-MAPD - mylex-mapd 468=PHOTURIS - proturis 469=RCP - Radio Control Protocol 470=SCX-PROXY - scx-proxy 471=MONDEX - Mondex 472=LJK-LOGIN - ljk-login 473=HYBRID-POP - hybrid-pop 474=TN-TL-W1 - tn-tl-w1 475=TCPNETHASPSRV - tcpnethaspsrv 476=TN-TL-FD1 - tn-tl-fd1 477=SS7NS - ss7ns 478=SPSC - spsc 479=IAFSERVER - iafserver 480=IAFDBASE - iafdbase 481=PH - Ph service 482=BGS-NSI - bgs-nsi 483=ULPNET - ulpnet 484=INTEGRA-SME - Integra Software Management Environment 485=POWERBURST - Air Soft Power Burst 486=AVIAN - avian 487=SAFT - saft 488=GSS-HTTP - gss-http 489=NEST-PROTOCOL - nest-protocol 490=MICOM-PFS - micom-pfs 491=GO-LOGIN - go-login 492=TICF-1 - Transport Independent Convergence for FNA 493=TICF-2 - Transport Independent Convergence for FNA 494=POV-RAY - POV-Ray 495=INTECOURIER - 496=PIM-RP-DISC - 497=DANTZ - 498=SIAM - 499=ISO-ILL - ISO ILL Protocol 500=ISAKMP - 501=STMF - 502=ASA-APPL-PROTO - 503=INTRINSA - 504=CITADEL - 505=MAILBOX-LM - 506=OHIMSRV - 507=CRS - 508=XVTTP - 509=SNARE - 510=FCP - First Class Protocol 511=PASSGO - 512=EXEC - Remote Process Execution 513=LOGIN - Remote Login via Telnet; 514=SHELL - Automatic Remote Process Execution 515=PRINTER - Printer Spooler 516=VIDEOTEX - 517=TALK - 518=NTALK - 519=UTIME - Unix Time 520=EFS - Extended File Server 521=RIPNG - 522=ULP - 523=IBM-DB2 - 524=NCP - 525=TIMED - Time Server 526=TEMPO - newdate 527=STX - Stock IXChange 528=CUSTIX - Customer IXChange 529=IRC-SERV - 530=COURIER - rpc 531=CONFERENCE - chat 532=NETNEWS - readnews 533=NETWALL - Emergency Broadcasts 534=MM-ADMIN - Mega Media Admin 535=IIOP - 536=OPALIS-RDV - 537=NMSP - Networked Media Streaming Protocol 538=GDOMAP - 539=APERTUS-LDP - Apertus Technologies Load Determination 540=UUCP - UUCPD (Unix to Unix Copy) 541=UUCP-RLOGIN - uucp (Unix to Unix Copy) - rlogin (Remote Login) 542=COMMERCE - 543=KLOGIN - 544=KSHELL - krcmd 545=APPLEQTCSRVR - Apple qtcsrvr 546=DHCP-CLIENT - DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Client 547=DHCP-SERVER - DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server 548=AFPOVERTCP - AFP over TCP 549=IDFP - 550=NEW-RWHO - new-who 551=CYBERCASH - Cyber Cash 552=DEVICESHARE - deviceshare 553=PIRP - pirp 554=RTSP - Real Time Stream Control Protocol 555=DSF - 556=REMOTEFS - rfs (Remote File System) server 557=OPENVMS-SYSIPC - openvms-sysipc 558=SDNSKMP - SDNSKMP 559=TEEDTAP - TEEDTAP 560=RMONITOR - rmonitord 561=MONITOR - 562=CHSHELL - chcmd 563=SNEWS - snews 564=9PFS - plan 9 file service 565=WHOAMI - whoami 566=STREETTALK - streettalk 567=BANYAN-RPC - banyan-rpc 568=MS-SHUTTLE - Microsoft Shuttle 569=MS-ROME - Microsoft Rome 570=METER - demon 571=METER - udemon 572=SONAR - sonar 573=BANYAN-VIP - banyan-vip 574=FTP-AGENT - FTP Software Agent System 575=VEMMI - VEMMI 576=IPCD - 577=VNAS - 578=IPDD - 579=DECBSRV - 580=SNTP-HEARTBEAT - 581=BDP - Bundle Discovery Protocol 582=SCC-SECURITY - 583=PHILIPS-VC - PHilips Video-Conferencing 584=KEYSERVER - 585=IMAP4-SSL - IMAP4 SSL 586=PASSWORD-CHG - 587=SUBMISSION - 588=CAL - 589=EYELINK - 590=TNS-CML - 591=HTTP-ALT - File Maker, Inc. 744=FLEXLM - Flexible License Manager 747=FUJITSU-DEV - Fujitsu Device Control 748=RIS-CM - Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager 749=KERBEROS-ADM - kerberos administration 750=KERBEROS-SEC - 751=KERBEROS_MASTER - 752=QRH - 753=RRH - 754=KBR5_PROP - 758=NLOGIN - 759=CON - 760=NS - 761=RXE - 762=QUOTAD - 763=CYCLESERV - 764=OMSERV - 765=WEBSTER - 767=PHONEBOOK - phone 769=VID - 770=CADLOCK - 771=RTIP - 772=CYCLESERV2 - 773=SUBMIT - 774=RPASSWD - 775=ENTOMB - 776=WPAGES - 780=WPGS - 781=HP-COLLECTOR - HP Performance Data Collector 782=HP-MANAGED-NODE - HP Performance Data Managed Node 783=HP-ALARM-MGR - HP Performance Data Alarm Manager 786=CONCERT - Concert 799=CONTROLIT - 800=MDBS_DAEMON - 801=DEVICE - 808=PORT 871=SUPFILESRV=SUP Server 888=CDDATABASE - CDData Base 901=PORT 911=Dark Shadow 989=FTPS-DATA - FTP Over TLS/SSL 990=FTP Control TLS/SSL 992=TELNETS - telnet protocol over TLS/SSL 993=IMAPS - Imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL 995=POP3S - Pop3 (Post Office Protocol) over TLS/SSL 996=VSINET - vsinet 997=MAITRD - 998=BUSBOY - 999=PUPROUTER - 1000=CADLOCK - 1001=Silence 1008=UFSD - UFSD 1010=Doly-Trojan 1011=Doly-Trojan 1012=Doly-Trojan 1015=Doly-Trojan 1023=RESERVED - Reserved 1024=OLD_FINGER - old_finger 1025=LISTEN - listen 1026=NTERM - nterm 1027=NT 1028=NT 1029=NT 1030=IAD1 - BBN IAD 1031=IAD2 - BBN IAD 1032=IAD3 - BBN IAD 1033=NT 1034=NT 1035=NT 1036=NT 1037=NT 1038=NT 1039=NT 1040=NT 1041=NT 1042=Bla 1043=NT 1044=NT 1045=Rasmin 1046=NT 1047=NT 1048=NT 1049=NT 1058=NIM - nim 1059=NIMREG - nimreg 1067=INSTL_BOOTS - Installation Bootstrap Proto. 1506=UTCD - Universal Time daemon (utcd) 1507=SYMPLEX - symplex 1508=DIAGMOND - diagmond 1509=ROBCAD-LM - Robcad Ltd. 1511=3L-L1 - 3l-l1 1512=WINS - Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service 1513=FUJITSU-DTC - Fujitsu Systems Business of America Inc 1514=FUJITSU-DTCNS - Fujitsu Systems Business of America Inc 1515=IFOR-PROTOCOL - ifor-protocol 1516=VPAD - Virtual Places Audio data 1517=VPAC - Virtual Places Audio control 1518=VPVD - Virtual Places Video data 1519=VPVC - Virtual Places Video control 1520=ATM-ZIP-OFFICE - atm zip office 1521=NCUBE-LM - n Cube License Manager 1522=RNA-LM - Ricardo North America License Manager 1523=CICHILD-LM - cichild 1524=INGRESLOCK - ingres 1525=PROSPERO-NP - Prospero Directory Service non-priv 1526=PDAP-NP - Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv 1527=TLISRV - oracle 1528=MCIAUTOREG - micautoreg 1529=COAUTHOR - oracle 1530=RAP-SERVICE - rap-service 1531=RAP-LISTEN - rap-listen 1532=MIROCONNECT - miroconnect 1533=VIRTUAL-PLACES - Virtual Places Software 1534=MICROMUSE-LM - micromuse-lm 1535=AMPR-INFO - ampr-info 1536=AMPR-INTER - ampr-inter 1537=SDSC-LM - isi-lm 1538=3DS-LM - 3ds-lm 1539=INTELLISTOR-LM - Intellistor License Manager 1540=RDS - rds 1541=RDS2 - rds2 1542=GRIDGEN-ELMD - gridgen-elmd 1543=SIMBA-CS - simba-cs 1544=ASPECLMD - aspeclmd 1545=VISTIUM-SHARE - vistium-share 1546=ABBACCURAY - abbaccuray 1547=LAPLINK - laplink 1548=AXON-LM - Axon License Manager 1549=SHIVAHOSE - Shiva Hose 1550=3M-IMAGE-LM - Image Storage license manager 3M Company 1551=HECMTL-DB - HECMTL-DB 1552=PCIARRAY - pciarray 1553=SNA-CS - sna-cs 1554=CACI-LM - CACI Products Company License Manager 1555=LIVELAN - livelan 1556=ASHWIN - Ash Win CI Tecnologies 1557=ARBORTEXT-LM - Arbor Text License Manager 1558=XINGMPEG - xingmpeg 1559=WEB2HOST - web2host 1560=ASCI-VAL - asci-val 1561=FACILITYVIEW - facilityview 1562=PCONNECTMGR - pconnectmgr 1563=CADABRA-LM - Cadabra License Manager 1564=PAY-PER-VIEW - Pay-Per-View 1565=WINDDLB - Win DD 1566=CORELVIDEO - CORELVIDEO 1567=JLICELMD - jlicelmd 1568=TSSPMAP - tsspmap 1569=ETS - ets 1570=ORBIXD - orbixd 1571=RDB-DBS-DISP - Oracle Remote Data Base 1572=CHIP-LM - Chipcom License Manager 1573=ITSCOMM-NS - itscomm-ns 1574=MVEL-LM - mvel-lm 1575=ORACLENAMES - oraclenames 1576=MOLDFLOW-LM - moldflow-lm 1577=HYPERCUBE-LM - hypercube-lm 1578=JACOBUS-LM - Jacobus License Manager 1579=IOC-SEA-LM - ioc-sea-lm 1580=TN-TL-R1 - tn-tl-r1 1581=VMF-MSG-PORT - vmf-msg-port 1582=TAMS-LM - Toshiba America Medical Systems 1583=SIMBAEXPRESS - simbaexpress 1584=TN-TL-FD2 - tn-tl-fd2 1585=INTV - intv 1586=IBM-ABTACT - ibm-abtact 1587=PRA_ELMD - pra_elmd 1588=TRIQUEST-LM - triquest-lm 1589=VQP - VQP 1590=GEMINI-LM - gemini-lm 1591=NCPM-PM - ncpm-pm 1592=COMMONSPACE - commonspace 1593=MAINSOFT-LM - mainsoft-lm 1594=SIXTRAK - sixtrak 1595=RADIO - radio 1596=RADIO-SM - radio-sm 1597=ORBPLUS-IIOP - orbplus-iiop 1598=PICKNFS - picknfs 1599=SIMBASERVICES - simbaservices 1600=ISSD - 1601=AAS - aas 1602=INSPECT - inspect 1603=PICODBC - pickodbc 1604=ICABROWSER - icabrowser 1605=SLP - Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol) 1606=SLM-API - Salutation Manager (SLM-API) 1607=STT - stt 1608=SMART-LM - Smart Corp.

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