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This caused a growth spurt for the fandom, with new arrivals eschewing the outdated Usenet and instead using web-based message boards.

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These days, the site views itself as one of the biggest Transformers fan communities.

Its biggest competitor is, which was originally launched as a private fan site named Transformer World 2005 in early 2000.

In 1998, several Scandinavian Transformers fans decided to form their own fanclub, the Nordic Trans Fans Association, which eventually got its own website,, in 2001.

NTFA remains one of the largest European Transformers fan communities to this very day.

Both sites gained message boards in late 2000, but were mostly known for offering downloads of old cartoon episodes and scanned comic book pages for years, a practice Hasbro still silently tolerated at that time—until a cease and desist order in January 2003.

Since then, TFArchive has started to focus mostly on comic and toy reviews, while Transfans is mostly known for interviews these days.

Due to the backlash from his moderating style, Lefebvre maintained an isolationist stance for Bottalk for an entire decade, ignoring the existence of other Transformers-related websites (with the occasional content copied and images hotlinked from the official Hasbro website).

In return, Bottalk was ignored by the rest of the fandom, yet continued as a small but active board.

as a means of communicating with the fans, and even recruited one of them, Ben Yee (who had also started out with the Transmasters club), to work as a consultant for the show.

Another form of online fan interaction was the text-based MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination), a shared online role-playing environment. During the late 1990s, the first individual fan sites were launched on the World Wide Web.

Both sites have comparably small, but stable communities.

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