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This helped a lot to introduce the brand successfully not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia and a little bit later in South Africa.

From the very beginning GBD obtained only best quality stummels and/or pre-drilled pipes.

After the war, GBD continued production both in London and in Paris.

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Bondier's family obviously came from Paris and had emigrated in 1789 to Geneva.

He himself had worked as a wood turner in the clay and china pipe industry in and around Saint-Claude making stem extensions etc.

The winner of the day was the Billiard (36 shapes now), along with 36 Bents and 32 Dublins / Zulus. Being the most important customer in the English speaking world, Oppenheimer & Co. It was opened in 1903, but the forecasts had been over-optimistic for it's capacity could not be utilized to the full until World War I.

were designated as sole distributor for Great Britain, the USA and Canada in 1897. Things changed as the French pipe factories lacked more and more workers who were called to the front.

August Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon led the firm into the 20th century.

They were in charge of the company for more than 50 years.More differentiated customer’s wishes made the introduction of additional markings necessary.GBD Xtra and GBD Special were very early models who’s names indicated special final treatments and / or fitments. At the end of the 19th century GBD offered 1,500 models(! (Please note however, that the same shape offered with three different materials for the stems was counted thrice! Charles Oppenheimer had founded this successful trade business in 1860 as an import-/export house. Merging them a huge plant came into being that was thoroughly reconstructed and reorganized. This new Saint-Claude factory was ready to operate in 1906.Paris on the other hand served the French and the other European markets.The location of the factories influenced the GBD history furthermore in the future although later on the products of both countries occasionally were marketed side to side to match special market requests. The economic crisis in the early 1920s induced the foundation of Cadogan Investments Ltd., named for it’s seat at Cadogan Square in London.A distinguishing mark of the GBDs were the slim shanks.

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