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If the authorities do decide to come knocking, the site doesn’t make it terribly easy for them to follow the smoke.

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Une autre interface est possible avec les deux écrans dans la partie haute : à gauche celui du « partner » et à droite le vôtre.

Dans la partie haute les différents boutons d'actions, play, next, et les différentes options à cocher. Il n'est pas rare d'être mis en contact avec une personne dénudée, prenant une pose suggestive, ou s'adonnant à des activités exhibitionnistes, mais l'accès au site n'est pas restreint.

At the end of the day, Akash says, he feels just fine about Seshroulette, with one condition."Just don't troll around my site, it's that simple," he said. I click “Next Sesh.” There’s the twentysomething girl in a cowboy hat, sitting at her desk straightening the camera, smiling.

“Next Sesh.” There’s the kid staring out from my screen, his chin resting on his fist, as a tie-dye poster hangs on a closet door in the background.

He doesn’t get high, he says, just "pleasantly painless.”The similarities to Chatroulette aren’t unintended.

As that site grew in popularity, Dan saw an opportunity to create a place where smokers could meet and smoke in a safe environment—one free of the voyeurs and masturbators that plagued Chatroulette in its early iterations.

She looked young, 18, maybe, and was drinking from a can of Yoo-hoo.

Weedless, I took a sip of wine, hoping she would assume I was “cool,” and began typing. This was her second night videochatting on—a new site for marijuana users to smoke together on camera, randomly.

Chatroulette est un site Web de messagerie instantanée et de visiophonie (par webcam) qui a la particularité de mettre des internautes en relation de manière aléatoire.

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